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Photogs and Brief Rport Back from Portland Tea Party

Pioneer Square was filled to over flowing this evening with citizens protesting taxes, the bailout, socialism, pork, and demanding, as on one sign among hundreds of others, that the government "redistribute freedom and not wealth." One sign even apologized for voting for Obama.
The event was started off by an individual dressed up in Revolutionary War era costume, speaking the Declaration of Independence. He was excellent, knew the entire piece by heart, and inspired the people at various times to applaud and cheer.

He was followed by various speakers, though the size of the crowd at the stage prevented my from taping much of what was going on. The signs were so numerous that even getting overhead video of the crowd from inside the crowd was impossible.

As I said the crowd filled the Square, filled the seats and overflowed over the top. This was an extremely well promoted and financed event. One speaker claimed that there were 22 of these rallies in Oregon alone, starting in Medford Oregon this morning. Before I left home for downtown, I heard Corporate news sources claim that there were about 500 Tea Party's nation wide, and Laura Ingram on her Conservative talk radio program this evening claimed there were 700 of them nationwide.

This event touched a pulse in America, and it might be the beginnings of a Conservative, if not a Republican resurgence.

Though in the lead up to this nation wide protest organizers claim it to be bipartisan, there was little evidence of any Progressive or Democratic constituency. And, towards the end of the rally, when the organizers recognized the groups who worked to make the event possible, not once was the Democratic Party or any group I could recognize as "left" even mentioned.

But the Republican and Libertarian Parties were mentioned; Glenn Beck was mentioned; KPAM radio was mentioned; various Conservative organizations were mentioned and thanked. This was not bipartisan; it was a Conservative rally, with known Conservative speakers.
And there is nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that the organizers and speakers were posturing something different.

Much of what was said and the content of many of the signs would indeed get nods of approval from those on the Progressive side of the aisle. "Stop the Looting, Start Prosecuting;" "Tea Bag the Fed, Declare Oregon Sovereignty;" "Dems, Reps, Wake Up;" "When Injustice Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty;" "Banks Take Your Loses."

There is much common ground here, yet I did not feel the crowd to be in sympathy with the poor, the homeless, the undocumented immigrant. The rhetoric from the speakers emphasized the many problems which brought them all to the Square, yet few if any solutions were offered.
There was a general and overwhelming mood of discontent, with constant reference to the fact that "we the people" could somehow solve the problems, if government would leave us alone.

Organizers passed around sign up sheets for those who wish to follow up on the momentum of this event, which, according to one speaker, is the beginning of a national political strategy for the 2010 election.

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Scam on Patriots, Militia and Constitutionalist types 16.Apr.2009 18:53

co opter

Some of my friends attended, believing it to be a Ron Paul type event. Hah! Almost got the tails beat. They were able to soften some hearts with their sign: "No taxes for Wars." The event was staged and organized by neocon front organizations, as I posted yesterday.

I wish I had attended, as a counter protester. Perhaps there should be counter protests to such events, across the street. That way, Fox news won't report us as part of the "5000" who attended the event.

What a bunch of morons at the event! Protesting Obama's pathetic attempt at a "New Deal" for economic recovery. Keynesian economics is proven to work during economic downturns.

1950 Red Scare Capitilist propaganda puppets 16.Apr.2009 23:32

DUDE THE 1950's ARE OVER tylerbristow166@hotmail.com

Where were all of these people when Bush passed all of his bailouts and when he passed no child left behind, federalizing the school system. They just want to cry about Obama because he's a "Socialist Facist". . They should stop crying Obamas no diffrent than Bush. The free market is a failure and it always has been thats why the government had to step in back in the thirtys to put every one back to work,, then Hitler gave the government the chance to put even more people back to work making tanks for the war machine thats been in operation ever since, saving the american economy. Free Trade is a sham that only acts as a cover for exploiting foriegn countrys and creating empire. Its no more socialist then it was four years ago, and alot less Facist then the political atmoshpere of that time. Taking government out of the economy wont save it, it will only breed inequality, an example would be the situation we are in now. Every one that went to this TEA BAG TEA PARTY thing are just a bunch of tools. People should realizes that Capitilism is the problem, our economy would be in great shape if we were completlely socialist... screw the status quo, screw these white washed wankers at the tea bag party, down with capitilism, down with your empire..... This economic meltdown is a god send.. maybe the endless genocide that is capitilism will finally end. Lets rejoice, let the TEA BAGGERS start their little revolution ANARCHY IN THE USA. ANARCHO_SYNDICATE

ps. stop being so affraid of socialism america. I understand our anti communist propaganda was vary good. But if you actually read up on marx, you know, the guy who invented communism, youd understand that, well, the societ union wasnt all that marxist, or communist, just another totalitarin state with a diffrent name. Lets move on, try some other method of organizing our communitys for a change. I mean, after all we are under the longest standing form of government on the earth, so, maybe its just time to move on.

Afterthoughts 17.Apr.2009 11:28

Jim Lockhart jglockhart@comcast.net

Here is perhaps the most outrageous sign from the Rally. I'd like to think that this sentiment, or at least the open expression of it, was in a minority among those who attended this event.

Certainly none of the speakers spoke in this manner, yet likewise no one addressed the social, cultural and legal institutions whose operation depends on many people being poor, oppressed, disenfranchised and imprisoned.

It was all about "me," all about the privileges and entitlements which should be enjoyed by those who are a part of the system and contribute to it's imperialistic expansion.
They seem more than prepared to disregard those who, whether by birth, race or some other circumstance, somehow haven't managed to get on track.
They are not only willing to be wage slaves, but insist upon it if the fruits of that servitude are sufficiently rewarding.
And, as the behavior at the Rally indicates, they are willing to listen to and enshrine anyone who appeals to their fear and avarice, who offer shallow solutions and convenient scapegoats.

I still believe there is common ground; certainly, being human we have points in our lives where we are all connected. Yet, despite the claims of bipartisanship made by the organizers, this Rally, and the movement it is seeking to inspire, is aimed at dividing people.

So much of the media accentuates and heightens the gaps between people, between their various races, cultures, religions and political views. Power is gained and maintained by this action, as by constantly portraying people as victims, of storms, violence, disease and all the possible tragedies which life can bring.
We are not only thus separated from Nature, from the living universe, but from ourselves, from the ability to ascertain the difference between those who speak the truth and those whose agenda is personal and group aggrandizement.

There were occasional references to "John Galt," and Atlas Shrugged," from books by Ayn Rand. This would be interesting and enlightening reading for anyone unfamiliar with her and her theory of objective realism.

Anyway, just some random thoughts in response to the interesting thread created by this report.

Tea Bag Protests As A Front For Racism 19.Apr.2009 09:37


All the reports I have heard from around the country included racist signs and chants. It seems that people used this fiscally conservative protest to push socially conservative propaganda. Racism is abhorrent; as far as I am concerned, the right showed their true colors with this demonstration and are roundly discredited for it.

F*** the Poor: a hoax 26.Apr.2009 22:57


The "F*** the Poor" sign was made by a counter-protester. Comments more typical of the conservative/libertarians would were "Liberals love the poor, so they want to make us poor, too."