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Tea Party for The Rich

This was a Right-Wing Greed T party
Hundreds filled the square
Tea Bags ....?
(insert sarcasm here)
Tea Head
Tea Head
Tea-d Off
Tea-d Off
Let me say after being down there in Portland's living room (from 7 - 8)
The people in the living room were "seemingly nice, polite and average joes in nice clothes"
They were not rude or openly disrespectful
But the air was thick with the ususal suspect, and there were "lots of em" with signs & chanting

I have never been around such an undertone of "selfish, greedy, USA USA chanting, Obvious Obama HATING, Republican, "Me" 1st, Anti Socialist, 98.9% white, Fox News loving, (did I say greedy) people in my life.

Let me also say ...I now need to take a shower after being in that spin-zone crowd
The Living Room should be fumigated

Damn ... I was surrounded by RICH white greedy ignorant people who were pissed off that their Taxes had to go to the "common good" ... instead of their bank or stock accounts.

<video coming soon>

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