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Weekday Fur Free Demonstration

Activists persisted through the winter and a one day weekly demo evolved into a weekday daily demo. Every day that Ungar furs is open there are demonstrators outside to inform people of the inherently cruel industry. Modern fur garments are an eco-failure. Synthetics and natural fibers are warmer and cheaper, yet one great fur substitute cannot be grown in the United States, that is our co-evolved symbiote HEMP. Through steaming and non-chemical processing the hemp fiber is worked into a durable faux material. A gay vegan hemp store on Hawthorne has an exemplary selection to see what I mean. Monday - Friday, 1 - 5pm @ SW 12th & Yamhill.
Join the fun and tell the last fur store downtown that Portland wants to be fur free. There are double dutch jump ropes and a singe. Sometimes there is hopscotch and there is great food & chai from Bombay Indian Cart across the road. Go to furkills.org if you want to see the truth behind the brutal industry and keep up with armchair activist opportunities.

homepage: homepage: http://furkills.org

Not Green Scare 19.Apr.2009 07:45

Wrong Section

This belongs in the animal rights section not thee green scare section. In the future please put news posts in the right spot.