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Our Common Enemy: The Press

From the view of the rulers, the task of the media is to give a false impression about reality. It protects the ruling elite from the people so the people do not really know what the elite actually does.. The freedom of the press is the freedom of 200 rich men.

By freeman

[This article published 3/21/2009 on the blog "Alles Schall und Rauch" is translated from the German on the World Wide Web,  http://alles-schallundrausch.blogspot.com/2009/03/unser-gemeinsamer-feind.html.]

As the so-called fourth branch in the state, the press is explicitly protected by the constitutions of most democratic countries. The constitutional fathers consciously intended this since the main task of the press is to protect this constitution.

The task of a free press in a free society is to point the finger at state authority. Governments and the state machine consist of persons with weaknesses. For example, they succumb to greed or craving for ever-greater power. Therefore the task of the press is to inform the people about the actions of the rulers in the state and the economy. However it has not fulfilled this task; it has failed totally.

The definition of a lie is really very simple. A lie leaves behind a false impression. From the view of the rulers, the task of the media is to give a false impression about reality. It protects the governing elite from the people so the people do not really know what the elite actually does.

We are left believing the problem of the media is prejudice and partiality. The opinion of journalists should not be visible in their reports. But that is not the real problem. The real problem is how communications function.

Important events are reported that are really shocking and must move one to action. In large part, this news disappears in the ocean of information. The journalists present a more or less exact sketch of events. The significance of events is controlled through placing and emphasis.

This functions in public perception like the well-known fairy tale "The Emperor's New Clothes." For example, one goes to an assembly with a hundred people. Everyone stands around and makes conversation but one person is completely naked. One sees the naked person, looks around and notices no one is shocked. Everyone acts as though nothing happened. One thinks if no one is disturbed, I can act as though it were normal. Obviously I cannot get excited about this.

The deception or pulling the wool of the media functions this way. One reads or hears a piece of news, is angry about it but the media acts as though it were not important. Thus the opinion of society about an event is guided in this direction. This is then called political correctness.

Consider the war crimes perpetrated by Israel in the Gaza strip. For more than three weeks, the defenseless civilian population was bombed and shot. Of the 1350 Palestinians killed, 810 were children. 5450 were wounded. 4000 houses were destroyed and 21,000 damaged including 40 mosques, 50 schools and several hospitals. All this was reported by the media. Even though the news was more than shocking, nothing happened. The media passed over to the day's agenda.

Every normal thinking person with sympathy and a conscience must ask: what is really wrong? A mass murder occurs and the media asks as though this were normal. The crimes are simply ignored or even justified with the lie of self-defense. Those criticizing Israel's government are insulted and slandered. No one demands calling those responsible to account. It is as though the massacre of civilians was not important. This impression is widespread and people adopt this opinion.

Therefore we all sit in the same boat, we all have the same enemy, the established media - whatever is important to one, whatever one thinks about the problems of the world and for whatever one is engaged whether the widespread famine in Africa, the rescue of threatened animal species, preventing the clear-cutting of primeval forest, exploitation of the third world or one is against wars or resists the systemic dismantling of freedom rights and tyranny. The media are the protective shield of criminals who first create these problems and are responsible for the injustice in the world. All day they lie to us and veil reality.

What happens here is clearly the control of what we may know and what we should think. Everyone occupied with the media notices very quickly how the media reports everything in the same way and in a similar sequence. This should not happen. This would be like all students giving the same answers in an exam by copying from one source. However this happens every day in the news business.

All day the media delivers a storm of a hundred pieces of news. When one looks at what it reports, the same five or six headlines are picked out and the same stories are ignored. There is no difference. They emphasize the same statements, evaluate the news the same way and spread the same opinions about an event, hushing up or pretending news never happened. One need not be a conspiracy theorist to recognize the shaping of public opinion is obviously centrally controlled.

I have worked for a newspaper and therefore know how the system and reports are coded by the news agencies. There are only a few people in the important powerhouses who steer the media in the desired direction. Whoever controls the flow of information controls the perception of events. In addition publishers and editors are influenced by the establishment whether parties, government, military, secret service or corporations. Those with money and power say what the public should know and what they should not know.

That one realizes deception, manipulation and misleading occur and sees the media critically is important. Who and why they do this is not important. Everything that one reads, hears and sees and conversely what is repressed and not received happens intentionally. The media do not report the real news but show the world as the ruling elite wants us to believe.

The media should change their description and not call themselves reporters or news organizations. They should be honest and admit they are PR-divisions of corporations or the propagandistic organs of governments. The newspapers and journals must recognize they are advertising brochures. The news on TV should describe itself as non-stop advertising and info-tainment.

The whole spectacle can be compared with wrestling. Everyone knows the wrestlers in the ring offer entertainment and are not really fighting. Well-trained athletes face one another and act as though they were rivals. Everything is arranged and learned by heart. After the "battle," they drink beer together and are good friends. It is a show as entertainment for the public, a deception. The media function this way toward the establishment. They lie together in bed under the same cover. The media only serve the power of the ruling elite and do not fulfill their task in the interest of the population.

Therefore only a very small part of what the press and the TV stations bring in news is real information. In large part it is manipulation of public opinion, taking the population to be fools, to divert them from the really important themes.

A good example for this is what is now happening in America on account of the bonuses for AIG managers. A regular hysteria was triggered about the $165 million. All the media got hot and bothered and all worked up about how unjust this is. But the really important theme - where are the trillions that flowed to bailout the banks? - is ignored. Thousands of billions disappeared! Why did Goldman Sachs receive most of the money where the former Treasury secretary under Bush, Henry Paulson, was formerly chairman? Is it a surprise that Obama received most of his election campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs?

... The important story is spun out; the other is hushed up as though it didn't exist.

The media is not generally interested where the $50 billion embezzled by Madoff disappeared. No one wants to know who helped him carry out this gigantic fraud and where the money is now? The suspicion that politicians and bankers helped and covered Madoff is obvious. This cheating was only possible in this way. One sees the double standard and how people are diverted with banalities from the really important events and great crimes committed by the ruling elite.

We see the media explode about little things with full force. These deeds are described in detail. Little or nothing is told about the criminal conduct of the rulers. They are protected. No one from the established media demand that Bush and Cheney take responsibility for the illegal offensive war against Iraq based on the polished bold-faced lies about weapons of mass destruction and 1.3 million dead people. How can the media be silent about such a mass murder?

People must stop fighting one another. Left or right, green, yellow, red or black, whether atheist, Muslim or Christian are not central. What we hear and see all day only serves to divide us. Many important themes are kept secret. But what we all want concerns and unites us. In principle we all want the same things. We want a healthy environment. We all want freedom and self-determination. We all want peace and justice.

The media does not expose those who prevent this and create all the problems in the world. We are lulled into a false sense of security, diverted, controlled and manipulated by a false presentation of reality. The media are the instrument to that end. They are our common enemy. As long as we do not realize that and act together, the criminals of the world will govern us and only bring disaster upon us.


[The following blog entry from "Alles Schall und Rausch" by freeman is translated from the German on the World Wide Web, ]

The world is an illusion deluding and manipulating us so we are driven like sheep. Everything is sound and fury. The function of this blog is to describe what is really happening and explain the context.

Hello, You Slaves

In ancient Rome, a senator proposed that all slaves wear a white armband so they could be better recognized. "No," a wise senator said, "when they see how many they are, there will be a rebellion against us."


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I wanted milk and received a bottle. I wanted parents and received toys. I wanted learning and received testimonies. I wanted love and received moral standards. I wanted a calling and received a job. I wanted meaning and received a career. I wanted happiness and received money. I wanted truth and received lies. I wanted hope and received fear. I wanted life but am being lived. But I woke up, thanks be to God.

You say, "Terrorism must be fought" and produce it yourself! You say, "nuclear weapons must be combated and have them yourself! You say, dictators must be fought and are one yourself! You say, democracy must be spread and dismantle it yourself! You say, you fight for human rights and torture without remorse! By their fruits you will know them!!!

They want to keep this from you: Be anxious, stare at the TV, consume, obey, keep your mouth shut and continue dreaming. Therefore be brave, turn off, renounce, rebel, say what is what and wake up.

Politicians do not want to change anything. Their task is to preserve the status quo.

The central bankers tell the media princes: you keep them dumb and I will make them poor.

The greatest conspiracy on the part of governments is their claim there are no conspiracies of government.

The most absurd 9/11 conspiracy theory is the official story of the US government that a sick Bin Laden from a cave in Afghanistan with his 19 amateurs deactivated the best and most expensive air force of the world and attacked America.

We live in a spectator democracy. We may look on what the powerful do.

If one is not interested for the truth, then as a punishment incompetent corrupt criminals will govern one...

The global elite does not produce any assets. It only manipulates and profits from the assets that we all produce.

The last official act of every government is to plunder the nation.


History is the lie in which people unite.
(Napoleon adopted that saying from Voltaire)

Jean de la Bruyere
The exact opposite of what is generally believed is usually the truth.

George Bernard Shaw

All great truths begin as blasphemy.

Mark Twain

A lie circles the earth three times before truth gets her boots on.

Benjamin Disraeli

Very different persons than one imagines govern the world and only those who can see backstage know who they are.

H.G. Wells

The history of humanity is becoming more and more a race between enlightenment and catastrophe.

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The pressure to do well is an innate American characteristic. Only North Americans seem to believe they may always determine those with whom they share their kindness. Ultimately this attitude leads to bombing people so they accept the gifts.

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The freedom of the press in the West, which is much better than elsewhere, is ultimately the freedom of 200 rich people to publish their opinion.

Burkhard Hirsch

The state suspicious of everyone is suspicious of itself.

John Lennon

Our society is led by the mad for mad goals. I believe we are guided by the insane to an insane end. I think I will be locked up as an insane person because I say this. That is what is insane.

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