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Rodney Innez, A Hellís Angelsí Tale In A Small Town

1st week of November as loads of tourist came to travel Manila, the morning is waft of it's character so of the awareness of being not a third world. People passed at the vertical and horizon and the day is a bizarre apparition, and idiotic technique to slip the whole day down for another tomorrow, when three tourists from New Zealand came along to visit Manila Bay.
Rodney Innez, the eldest of them and the principality that even a higher rajah would adulate such method of an essential details for a warrior and a god, he carry out his agenda that his supremacy controls wherever he stands or wherever grounds. Two hours and Mcdonalds pretty gains and shady but here is sweet-souring my ass alongside the bitter domain of the sauntering rebels, a sweet anarchism of that Saturday morning. Along with him were Tash Rainbow and Simon Innez, some hip but hectic to modern world, beloved by their origin thou seemed luxurious and tattooed were beautiful. 3 hours past, some pizza were meals for lunch and some laughs or tales are legends from past romance although magnetized but pleased to the divinity of the sacred admiration. The last bite was keen to the taste while obeisances is sincere that affections to each and everyone is proper. Tash was magnificent. She maybe the face of a woman who loves to listen when something had got to be said. Simon finished his plate. Rodney continued assuming and sensing facts and figures when precision was not exact doubt is mating politics and time that I knew they were Hell's Angels. Conferring rewards of liberty, freedom is shop-lifting the pride or the soup maybe added salt as if it was independence day. Rainbow is smiley averring status - a Ku Klux Klan musing affection to her voyagers while deeming that as she is covered by the press, grunge today and white but upholding heights. Some kind of anti-drug-talk but not. Befriending the antagonists for a moment and the moment is mortal just like a war in heaven and god knows your room number. Cloud nine flashes on the plates like of those buzz from New Zealand which actually is fraction of the focus along tall stories, fall modest hesitation in it's vagueness. An hour all in one lunch. Simon stripped off his sleeves and displayed the tattoos on his fore-shoulders. So serene he couldn't verbalize to question about the press why they chats the oration, gray-eyed caucasian and a six flat trim. He heard about the drip, he knows about the nip and all the herb chronicles in the open door merriments. For such a crash-head small joints is an exuberance. Rodney pulled out his cigarette so light one and passed it over. That red butt is imported then he with hideously obnoxious condition distresses his fate, he speaks other dialects supposively. Subsequently to that, the rest flutter their wings from the slab to the avenue, to Manila Bay watching the birds and the beasts. Rodney and Simon chew the fat while Tash was envisaging length, so of the twisting breeze from the shore abrased her skin, from inside some leaping chi as superlative as the utmost enjoying entity in the whole world, a happy chic there is. Ecstatic until 2, waves glide towards the scene while the wind dangle at variance of the comedy. Progressive vogue so with Tash and the other two so grunge after 28 years detention of Rodney. She pretty shatters her widow at that noon thanking her digi-cam so she be pretty charming the rest and the rest are speechless. Some bunch of dreadful iggies approaches them but iggies were illiterates and hungry and thieves. They promenade their autonomy through the roughness of dissension of Asia where people crag it's murky formation, hollow dive to the ditch while encoder's incestines the market world of horror. To saunter was next down the trench alongside the luminary sidewalks along the US embassy although not exhausted but keyed up to the gist of pleasure of Roxas Boulevard. Rodney is gratis and open taking care of the expedition as the leader of the squad. He is happy with the sagacity that there is vague luck persisting the chore to reach United Nation Ave. and until that the noon is lofty as well as the angels. Tash wasn't that snooty yet clever while clutching on to a concrete flat to sit down, the noon is heating and perspiring the minute of the fad. Her blue eyes were hinting heeds referring to the birds were beasts I guess. She is an anonimity to the cordiality of such dexterity, cops are thieves as well as the NBI agents. She suspected or deduced the moment when words weren't available so gestures are yielding to each and everyone. Second day, candies all over the hotel room of Rodney and the rest. I brought some of the "Slows" graving off to their carpeted rent and another fire here to pick the deep from the dots. Tash here for the long hand shutting off rot with that hit from the flat feeters. So down to the face burning occasion jab off with the Black Flag band but another again to pass to the poke as if trust here were genuine and almost farout. Simon went out of the room to breath some real air while Rodney watch the cable channel showing Filipinos from New Zealand. The tale is blur bluffing out the trick but no drag because the door is close, waiting for the boy to offer the beer till twelve. Measuring from the ceiling to the south of the room collapsing down to two a.m. imminent promptly as she was that fine time lingering wakes of the night and from this she suddenly chose the recovered affluence. Rodney was heavy stoned like a bad dog, fanged or brainless waiting for the warewell then wag the clap to the limp eaters, tap the putrefaction when then kick those fret from the dread. Tash here concerting still, empty now as to send off that tweaks from phone extorting money from the Zealanders. We're waiting for the cops with nipples.

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