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White Nationalists Tied to Republican led Teabagger Parties

Looks like the Republican Tea Bagger Parties will be saturated with white supremecists tomorrow. One will be held in Pioneer Courthouse Square at 6:00pm tomorrow (4/15/2009) All Anti-facists should rally sending a message to these racist corporatist enablers that their hatred is not welcome in Portland.
White Nationalists Tied to Tea Parties
April 14, 2009 by Jill Garvey

It's no secret that conservatives have a hard time keeping racism out of their ranks (airwaves), and now it seems it has surfaced in even their grassroots (astro turf) movements. The whole tea party thing (except with representation and a high income bracket this time) is being organized by conservative corporate lobbyists, Freedom Works and Americans for Prosperity, who are no doubt milking this all the way to their billion dollar bank accounts.

If that wasn't hard enough for real [sic] conservative activists to swallow, they are really going to hate showing up at rallies only to rub elbows with white nationalists. Kris Kobach got the party started in Kansas on April 4th when he hosted a joint tea party/anti-immigrant rally with Billy Gilchrist, Topeka chapter leader for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. In 2004 Kansas Republican leader Timothy Burger wrote in response to Kobach's failed congressional run, "It doesn't help matters that Kobach was hired by FAIR, widely perceived as a racist anti-immigrant group during the campaign." But that stinging accusation hasn't stopped Kobach from working for the John Tanton network ever since, or from dipping his tainted toes into anything that smells ripe for manipulation and publicity.

ALI-PAC, a North Carolina-based anti-immigrant group, is shaping up to be the biggest tea party cheerleader of all. ALI-PAC has formed a coalition with twenty-five other anti-immigrant groups in support of tea party events, a good number of whom are part of the John Tanton network. ALI-PAC's whole reason for existence is due to a local LA billboard advertisement that showed LA crossed out with Mexico written over it - an unforgivable mistake big enough to launch a national organization obviously. Ever since, ALI-PAC has been hobnobbing with vigilante minutemen groups; party attendees shouldn't be surprised if they are recruited to border patrol will enjoying their tea.

All that is nothing compared to the recruiting being planned by neo-Nazis at Arizona tea parties. You know you've really lost control when your quirky libertarian actions are mined by the scary bald guys with swastika tattoos. Stormfront, the hard-core white power website, is full of discussions about plans to attend tea parties all over the country. One Stormfront poster wrote, "Ladies and gentlemen, I think every WN [white nationalist] needs to not only attend the April 15th Tea Party nearest you (I'm going to the Alamo in San Antonio) but then stay involved and help provide leadership to this movement. I believe that this is the white revolution we've been waiting for." Uh, right. Let's hope Fox News manages to televise that.

When we stop to think about the real message behind these tea parties, that a black president will never represent white America, it's not surprising that the scary white nationalists have come out to play. Let's be frank, these tax increase protests (for the super rich and not even at the levels of previous Republican presidents'), are just code for "we're scared out of our minds of a president that might represent black, brown, and poor."


homepage: homepage: http://imagine2050.newcomm.org/2009/04/14/white-nationalists-tied-to-tea-parties/

I'll be there, American Indian heritage and all 15.Apr.2009 11:22


Well let's see ... to the casual observer I appear to be Caucasian. I have some ancestors who came over from Europe (in the steerage class, as nearly as we've been able to determine), some who walked the Trail of Tears, and reputedly some who arrived from Africa (who were presumably housed somewhere below the steerage compartment). Pretty normal family history for most of us American mongrels.

This protest is not about race, it is about out-of-control federal spending, by both of the major parties and both houses of Congress, for as far back as nearly anyone currently alive can remember. Literally out of control, because it is no longer subject to any meaningful Constitutional criteria. My generation of baby-boomers has saddled our children (and now our grandchildren and beyond) with incalculable debts in order to pursue our dreams, such as they were. I'm done passing debt on to my descendants and yours.

The federal government is only authorized to act in those areas specifically delegated to it by the Constitution. Staying within those boundaries would return the nation to solvency more quickly than any bailout, pennies from heaven, wishful thinking or combinations thereof that could be devised. Like most Oregonians, I am not a member of a political party; the tea party simply provides a platform for protesting unconstitutional (and, by the way, expensive) intrusions by the federal government into areas in which it is not authorized to meddle. I'm planning to lend my voice to the discussion by attending, and would invite my readers to join me there.

Conservative Anti-War Demonstration 15.Apr.2009 13:31

link up

Check out the posters at:  link to clicks.aweber.com
These are folks who reject the mainstream media false flag news! Although I do not agree with everyone on every issue, I will certainly be there. We have more in common than we have differences.

Here is an email I received from Restore the Republic:


Dear Fred,

I suspect a neo-con infiltration of the Tea Parties that were initiated by members of the Freedom Movement, so it is IMPERATIVE that you bring the REAL message to the party. We CANNOT allow our movement to be co-opted by fairweather conservatives who only come out to fight for freedom when a democrat is in office. Now more than ever we need to hold our ground.

That being said, don't be mad at me if you arrive at your Tea party empty handed, because you have 31 hours to get your stack of magazines for the nationwide day of action!

The time is short as the day is fast approaching, and if you want to have the right tools to wake up the masses at your event then you NEED to get your order in before 9:00pm EST tomorrow night.

Scroll down, Ross, one of our webmasters, just added every related event from the RTR National event calender to our new "Show Me The Law" website so you can find out where to be on April 15th.

My wife, Angie, and I will be packing your magazine boxes all day to make sure you get them, but you have to TAKE ACTION NOW.

We recommend using any of these three past issues at your event:

ISSUE #7 - A Blueprint to Restore America: Abolish the Fed & Restore the Gold Standard, Stop Polarization of America (Republican vs. Democrat), Replace the IRS with a Constitutional Tax System, Restore American Financial Responsibility, Make computerized voting Illegal in all 50 states, Keep the internet free and out of Corporate/Government Control, Limit Federal Spending: A Road map for Constitutional Recovery, A Nation Reborn, Introduce Legislation to Stop a National ID, Make it illegal to implant RFID chips in human beings, Educate Jurors to the Rule of Law that they Must Follow, Stop Globalization, End the Domestic Police State, The Original American Foreign Policy, Returning Accountability to Public Servants, Abolish the Dept of Education & Restore Excellence to the School System, Recind all Executive Orders that are Unconstitutional, THE CONSTITUTIONAL MILITIA, SLAVERY, & CONTEMPORARY "GUN CONTROL, What if They are ALL Corrupt? and more...

ISSUE #10 - Grand Theft America: This special issue of Republic exposes the scam behind the Senate's failed bailout plan and its ties to the corruption in Washington and the FED. Features include: Birth of the Beast, Interview with a Bankster, Consequences of Greed and Uncontrolled Power, Lipstick on a Bailout, How to Maintain Prosperity in These Hard Economic Times, Surviving Martial Law , Hard Drives and Lost Lives, Restoring the Republic, End the Fed Action, Monthly Paul:The Morality Hazard of the Fed, Senate Shennanigans, Grand Theft America, Tough Times Present Tough Choices, Special Report:100 Items to Disappear First in a Calamity.

ISSUE #12 - The Federal Income Tax Scam: Slaying the Beast - Tommy Cryer's win against the IRS, Tax Honesty Movement - a history, Exposing IRS Tactical and Psycological Warfare on Americans, Flex Your Rights, Activist Profile: We the People Foundation, The IRS and the Federal Reserve... Fraternal Twins, Joe Banister - His Legal Defense, 60 Sec Activism: Republic Magazine, Constitutional Discipline - 16th Amendment, Tyranny in America, Why an Income Tax is Not Necessary to Fund Government, Militia and the Economy, No Law?, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and more...

Holding our ground is VITAL to insuring our message of sound money, ending the FED and IRS so its not drowned out by the neo-con talking points. On the frontline of the Freedom Movement you are the new revolutionary soldier, stand firm, be prepared, and carry the message like the post riders of old.

Remember it IS NOT about Obama, he's the puppet, its about Freedom.

Forever in Freedom,

Gary Franchi
RTR National Director
P.S. To find Tea Party nearest you visit:  link to ShowMeTheLaw.org

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