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Audio: A Conversation With Amy Goodman

As a benefit for KBOO 90.7 FM Community Radio, Amy Goodman appeared at the Baghdad today, in a casual interview by Dave Mazza and Jo Ann Bowman, hosts of KBOO's Voices from the Edge radio talk program.
This is an audio file of that interview, a little under one hour in length.

Amy Goodman Interview

Among other things, Amy speaks about the importance of Community Media, the bravery of a handful of Librarians in the face of the PATRIOT Act, and her arrest at the Republican National Convention. She also speaks about the presidency of Barak Obama, stating that we cannot afford to wait and see, giving him the benefit of the doubt, but must force him to stand up to the Corporate machinery and honor his campaign promises.

homepage: homepage: http://www.PhilosopherSeed.org/mp3/Amy_interview.mp3