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Sabotage -- Silicon Valley without 911 service, Internet, cell phones, and TV

Interesting indeed.

From Global Guerrillas: Here's a great example of how easy it is to disrupt critical infrastructure, without computer skills (which is one of the reasons I believe, based on a broad number of examples, it is a more useful method of warfare). Vandals cut off cellular, Internet and landline phone service to 52,000 thousand people today in the San Francisco Bay area.

Full article from globalguerrillas:  link to globalguerrillas.typepad.com
Fiber maps show exactly where fiber runs are ...
Fiber maps show exactly where fiber runs are ...
From BitGravity:

Destroy the Internet with a hacksaw?

Thursday, April 9th, 2009 at 10:54 am

This morning many people in Silicon Valley woke up without 911 service, Internet, cellular phones, and in some cases TV. Web sites were impacted and Internet traffic between a few major datacenters stopped flowing. Several of our employees were cut off from the Internet and phone service ... What's more terrifying, the cuts were clean and easy to fix, but what would happen if they were mangled and more calculated? What happened if rather than going down into the manhole, the perpetrator poured many gallons of gasoline down the hole, and tossed a match on it? It could have melted all the fiber/glass/plastics together, causing complete mess making the problem much worse ...

full article BitGravity:  http://sandbox.bitgravity.com/blog/2009/04/09/destroy-the-internet-with-a-hacksaw/

From SfGate:

Vandals cut fiber-optic cable lines belonging to AT&T at two locations early today, knocking out phones and access to 911 emergency services to thousands of residential customers and businesses in southern Santa Clara County, in Santa Cruz and San Benito counties and along the Peninsula ...

full SfGate article:  link to www.sfgate.com