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Santuary Sam Lives! (In prison... for the rest of his life....)

Thanks to the monumental efforts of animal advocates, two of the six sea lions trapped last week have survived. It seems the State did not have the nerve to kill Sanctuary Sam, after advocates named him for the NOAA mascott. I guess NOAA decided that it might be bad for their image to authorize the execution of their own mascott.
Willy, another sea lion whose life was in the balance last week, has also been spared due to the willingness of sea lion advocates to fight tooth and nail for him. Willy is a sea lion whose flesh bears the scars of his branding - C657. Last week, ODFW officials mistakenly believed they had the authority to kill Willy. However, SLD bridadiers pointed out to them that C657, Willy, is not actually on their hit list, and therefore they do not have the authority to kill him. Chagrinned by the news that animal advocates are keeping a closer eye on these sea lions than they are, the ODFW refused to acknowledge the error and instead claimed that he was a completely different animal, B127.

As many of you know, animal advocates have irrefutable proof that the State is lying about that. (Those who have not seen the evidence, and would like to, please contact the Sea Lion Defense Brigade at  info@sealiondefensebrigade.org and we will provide you with the proof.) Nevertheless, Willy was denied his day in court earlier this week, when the case was dismissed due to technicalities. (In a nutshell, Willy is not a human, and therefore has no standing in the courtroom. So if you care about the rights of animals, do not bother seeking justice in the courtroom. You must find other means to ensure that justice is done.)

Either way, the State knows they are lying, and they know we have proof. They also know that there are other measures still available to us to seek redress for their flagrant violation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Since the unauthorized killing of a marine mammal is a felony with very stiff penalties including jail for offenders, it looks like they chose not to execute C657 after all.

Of course, no one has yet seen either of these animals since their capture, so the State could very well be lying about their status as well. This remains to be seen. We know Sanctuary Sam very well, and when we see him, we will know if it's really him. Stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, we mourn the loss of C554, C669, and most especially, C578 and C579. We will miss them greatly. C578 and C579 were seen and photographed barely a week before their murder. Both were obviously in excellent health. The State's claim that they were "euthanized" for health reasons is yet another blatant lie.

May we find Justice, whatever it takes.

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