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First Annual Mayday Kickball Game - Anarchists Vs. Socialists

Come celebrate mayday as it was meant to be enjoyed. A celebration of fun and leisure where it can be found in capitalistic society. You're taking the day off work anyway, and we can still get you to the rally and march on time. 12 noon, May 1st, Colonel Summers Park (20th Ave and Belmont St)
Hell, we can descend on that shit as one anticapitalist group, smiles on our faces and mud on our knees. Bring your own refreshments, alcoholic or otherwise.

Any self-respecting anarchist should be playing soccer 09.Apr.2009 03:14


I'm just sayin'

Re: Any self-respecting Anarchist... 09.Apr.2009 12:33


I think that it's important to respect a diversity of tactics* in this situation. Some may not feel comfortable playing soccer, while others may not feel like kickball is an effective or empowering method of having fun. I think that there needs to be space made in order to engage people in tactics* that they feel comfortable with and empowered by.

*fun sports