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Stop Blank Check Bailouts - Nationalize the Banks!

National day of protest against the bank bailouts and a call to restructure our banking system. The core demands are to nationalize, restructure and decentralize. Whether you agree with the details of the demands, this will be a good place to show your outrage over what's going on between Wall Street and our government.
National Day of Protest

National Day of Protest

Break up the Banks! Stop Blank Check Bailouts

Saturday, April 11, 2pm

Pioneer Courthouse Square

Join us this Saturday, April 11 for a national day of protest to break up the power of the banks that caused the current financial crisis and to push for systematic reform of the financial sector. In Portland, we will combine the call to -- nationalize, reorganize and decentralize -- with the Portland based Fire Your Bank campaign. This should be a great event that helps all of us get the message out to Congress and the President that we want solutions to the financial crisis that benefit all of us, not the Wall Street elites.

Bring your signs, chants, cell phones, and energy. And help get the word out and forward this email to your lists.

Some sign ideas include:

Banksters are gaming the system

Break Up the Banks

If it's too big to fail, it's too big to exist

Bailout the people

Trustbusters 2.0

Fire Your Bank

Stop Blank Check Bailouts