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The Crisis of Finance Market Capitalism as a Challenge for the Left

"The problems we face today cannot be solved by the minds that created them" (Albert Einstein).
"Everything for ourselves and nothing for others seems to be the disgusting maxim of the rulers of the world in every epoch of humanity" (Adam Smith).
"The failure of neoliberalism is only the prerequisite for another development..

The brave new world of neoliberalism lies in debris. Its wealth proves to be robbery, appearance and deception. The proposed freedom has become general insecurity and widespread poverty. Its wars are lost. Hunger in the world increases and global warming becomes faster and faster..

Neoliberalism may disappear in the hurricane of history. Its henchmen are called to account..

The thirty-year triumphant advance of neoliberalism was also a chain of defeats of the left. The left of the time after the Second World War does not exist any more.. The hour of the crisis of neoliberalism is not the hour of a strong renewed left in Germany, Europe or worldwide.."

to read the 24-page pdf "The Crisis of Finance Market Capitalism as a Challenge for the Left" by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, March 2009, visit
 link to www.rosalux.de

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