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LNG Documentary Film Debut

Free showing of new documentary about Liquefied Natural Gas development in Oregon, guest speakers and Q&A with anti-LNG organizers. Come see the short films "Crossroads on the Columbia: Oregon Confronts America's Energy Future" and "Orange Alert" to get a first hand look at the areas in Mt. Hood Nat'l Forest and the Columbia River Estuary that would be directly impacted by LNG and related pipeline proposals. Thursday, April 9th @ 7pm at PSU in the Smith Memorial Student Union Room 327 (1825 SW Broadway).
LNG Film Debut Poster
LNG Film Debut Poster
"Crossroads on the Columbia" & "Orange Alert"
Thursday, April 9th @ 7pm
PSU, Smith Memorial Student Union Room 327
1825 SW Broadway

Come to this free film debut and learn about proposed foreign fossil fuel development on the Columbia River! These films provide a unique opportunity to see the actual sites proposed for LNG and related pipeline development in Oregon as well as interviews with impacted community members in the Columbia River Estuary and the Willamette Valley. The event will also include guest speaker Bill Bradbury, former Oregon Secretary of State, information about how you can get involved in the fight to stop fossil fuel development in Oregon and information about upcoming events like Bike the Pipe and Bark's next Bark-about hike in Mt. Hood.

Don't stay at home this Thursday night -- come and get involved in the vital movement to halt foreign fossil fuel development in the Pacific Northwest!

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