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Hey Fox-News-Fascists, Get a Job!

Bush II is not the right color.
The Fox News patriots are angry.? They say they are upset about rising taxes, growing government control of the economy, and stimulus plans ostensibly designed to revive an economy wrecked by Fox News styled capitalism.? I'm not a proponent of Obama's approach to the economic collapse.? As far as I'm concerned, Obama is just Bush II.? He's the good-cop in the Bush bad-cop/good-cop fascist takeover of the United States.? Nevertheless, I can't help but to notice the hypocrisy of these arm-chair patriots who are now planning on getting off of their over-sized asses and onto their feet.? They say a ?Revolution is Brewing.?? Not quite comfortable with the word ?protest,? which would make them ?protesters?, they are planning on massive coast to coast spasms called ?Tax Day Tea Parties.?

Now, these are the same people who found torture of prisoners of war something not worthy of protesting about.? These are people who sat on their fat asses and cheered their bloodthirsty cheers as their demigod Bush lied us into war.? These are people who are happy with the government invading our privacy, listening to our telephone calls, violating our rights (including the right to free speech).? What has their collective panties in a bunch, they say, is the assault on capitalism embodied by the Obama Administration.? As a socialist, I wish Obama was on the road to socialism, but it is as clear as day that what we see is only the continuing march towards fascism.? The claims of these false patriots are bunk.? When a white man was the figurehead of their fascist orgy, these Fox News bigots were all gung-ho.? The act of robbing the treasury and handing it over to the corporatists began under the white man.? All that has changed is the color of the figurehead.? Apparently, the fact that a Black man is president of the United States is what has pushed these fascists over the edge.

If we clear away all the noise and better tune our ears on the essence of what is actually underway, it comes down to this: The racist fascist party's rank-and-file are up in arms over the not so racist fascist party's Black president.? In terms of an analogy, it is as if the Nazi Party's rank-and-file were up in arms against Mussolini's National Fascist Party in some imaginary German-Italian Regime with the chief complaint being that Mussolini is a swarthy Italian and not a pale German.? White racist fascists just can't handle living under the thumb of an uppity black fascist.

As tax day comes upon us, we have the opportunity to mock these hypocrites.? I for one intend to be there, observing their protests, yelling ?Hey, losers, get a job!? just like they did to me before the Black man took over.? I won't feel bad about it either.? At least we were protesting over violations of human rights, violations of the law, and war crimes.? These petty racist couch potatoes are simply upset that a Black man is in the White House.? Bring your cameras and plaster the Internet with their photos!? Give them a taste of their own intolerance.

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