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Announcement of a recently completed documentary about one of the most progressive communities on the planet.
Kerala, India is a remarkable place. One of India's 26 states with a population about the same as California. Kerala is a vibrant, bottoms-up democracy that since becoming a state has invested in its people. Health care and free public education through college are rights of every citizen. Fair share food stores within walking distance in every village and town means no one goes hungry. The literacy rate is as high as California and people live as long as in the developed world, Europe and the USA. All of this is accomplished in an economy that is 1/70th the size of California's. The high quality of life enjoyed by the citizens of Kerala has been accomplished through activism, a rich and nuanced activism. Strikes and marches but also thousands of projects undertaken by small groups of citizens in their own neighborhoods, projects on weekends with school children, workshops to teach soap making, a local alternative to the products of the multinationals. And much more. This video gives us a real life example of the next step in rebuilding our world. WHY KERALA, GRAMPA? is a recently completed 87 minute documentary available for viewing at www.tchamberlinmovies.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.tchamberlinmovies.com