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animal rights

Monkeys on the loose in Beaverton

Five Monkeys managed to get loose from OHSU primate "Research" center in Beaverton.
Quite honestly, I'd be more concerned to hear about monkey "researchers" on the run from OHSU. Those monkeys might deliver one hell of a beat-down to someone who paid too much for a bunch of bannanas and wouldn't let go. But the Monkey Reaserchers could just deliver a beat-down, tie-up and electric shock to the private parts of anyone that crossed them.

"Research" on our not so distant cousins, these intelligent primates is just plain wrong. I'm not an animal rights guy, I eat cows chicken and fish. Shumacher furs upset me because thier prices were too high. But Even I know that primate "research" is a bloody stain on our society. Even if it wasn't wrong, it's money down the drain. Forty Years No Cures. If we could divert the $ thrown at OHSU, we could feed the hungry, house the house-less, and likely have enough money to replace the Sellwood Bridge

Hopefully this event will shine a little light on OHSU and get people thinking and talking and realizing this "research" shouldn't be happening here or anywhere else.

Read "Rachel in Love" by Pat Murphy sometime 04.Apr.2009 12:56

reader and weeper

I hope they stay free 05.Apr.2009 10:24


Can you imagine what it wold be like to be poked and prodded in a small cage every day while listening to the screams of the other animals around you? Or to be grabbed from your small cage and tortured every day? Imagine what life is like for them now....away from the torture, away from the screams, away from cruel humans......breathing fresh air, climbing trees, learning how to scavenge for food. I pray that they will never be found by stupid ignorant humans ever again. May they always be free..........

Update 05.Apr.2009 10:28

I hate ohsu

9 monkeys escaped, 5 were found, 4 are still free. Fuck OHSU!!!!! RUN MONKEYS RUN!!!!!!!!!

 link to video.aol.com

1 Monkey is still free 05.Apr.2009 10:34

Stop Testing on Animals!!!!!!

PORTLAND Officials say they've got all but one of nine monkeys back in cages at a research facility after a keeper's mistake allowed them to make an escape.

Officials at the Oregon National Primate Research Center said today that the one missing monkey is on the grounds of the facility.

The animals got loose Friday after their keeper left the cage unlocked and they figured out how to open the door.

Workers baiting cages with apples recaptured some Friday and three today. One official said the monkeys love fruit.

The Japanese Macaque monkeys are too fast to catch. They generally retreat from humans but if threatened, they could bite.


The Monkeys 05.Apr.2009 10:36

just me

I appreciate your words Fred. I appreciate that it doesn't take an animal rights guy, vegan, etc, to know that animal "research" is wrong.
A bit of info about the monkeys...
To the person questioning what they could be carrying.
These were male monkeys used in breeding. It was stated that they were not tested on, nor were they tested to see if they had anything. The most commonly carried disease by monkeys is the Herpes B virus. This virus is not necessarily too problematic to the carrier, but if contracted to human primates, it is serious and out of "22 reported cases, 20 infected individuals developed encephalitis and 15 of these patients died as a result of their infection." ( http://dcminfo.wustl.edu/occhealth/factsheet_herpesb.html).
"so why not catch them, take them to somewhere safe". Not your wisest move. These guys are out of their cages, on the loose, likely for the first time. You are a human. You resemble the humans that tortured them with all that missing fur. They are likely to be scared of you and though they are not known to bite, the may if threatened.
OHSU needs to be exploited for their incompetence and lack of public safety. NOT ONE CURE IN OVER 45 YEARS now. The public needs to continue to be made aware of the studies conducted (nicotine on pregnant monkeys for example), research and torture facts, as well as the failure of OHSU keep the public safe from their "property" (monkeys each have an identifying tattoo that marks them as OHSU property.).