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BTA - Please get your facts right about CRC

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance will be holding a rally on April 5th regarding the proposed new I-5 over the Columbia River. I am very concerned about the misinformation going around about this new bridge.
Anti-CRC: This project invites unchecked sprawl to southern Washington.

Fact Check: State of Washington land use practices for zone changes and new developments only extend to the Interstate Ramp Terminals and not the capacity of the Interstate itself. Sprawl will continue to spread in southern Washington no matter if the bridge or I5 is widened. It is up to the people in Washington to encourage their county and city elected officials to place tighter rules on their land use codes to prevent sprawl.

Anti-CRC: This project harms the health of our neighborhoods.

Fact Check: The project will actually improve air quality on I5 than the existing structure by providing opportunities for light-rail and transit only lanes on the bridge. The additional auxiliary lanes on the bridge will alleviate vehicle emissions from producing less idling vehicles. There will also be a better bike path for bicyclists.

Anti-CRC: This project creates gridlock into the heart of Portland.

Fact Check: The project is proposing 6 through lanes (3 in each direction) which occur today. I5 in Portland will never be widen to more than 6 lanes (3 in each direction) due to impacts to people houses. The bridge will NOT be operating with 12 through lanes. It will just have the capacity to allow the following: lanes needed for tolling, transit only lanes, or auxiliary lanes to provide enough space for merging and diverging on the bridge between exit and entrance ramps. If you are planning to build bridge, you want to have enough capacity that allows availability to do things in the future, so you don't have to come to the public with another bridge project.

I am disappointed with BTA lack of efforts of representing the bicyclists' community on the proposed new Willamette River Bridge that will be in between the Marquam and Ross Island Bridge. This pedestrian, bicyclist, and light-rail bridge alignment was originally going to go perpendicular across the Willamette River. The elected officials decided to make the bridge angled to the river to encourage redevelopment along the southwest waterfront. This realignment will create out-of-the-way travel for bicyclists trying to reach Southeast Portland and the Springwater Trail from downtown Portland. The Willamette River Bridge Advisory Committee also wants to spend more money, possibly $64 million, on a bridge they considered to be more aesthetic for postcards. This extra cash plus the possible difficulty to construct a hybrid of the wave bridge might hurt the funding of the Milwaukie Light Rail project.

bs 03.Apr.2009 19:20


what this poster says is bs; not even the people planning the bridge agree with most of these assertions....

simply put, it's outrageous that the largest investment single of public money in PNW history should be spent on expanding the extremely destructive single passenger car culture (along with some trivial green initiatives thrown on as distractions from the central event) rather than creating viable alternatives to polluting activities like public transit.