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BIKE THE PIPE!--April 11

Global Exchange, members of Cascadia Rising Tide, and activists from many No-LNG groups of Oregon and the Willamette Valley are putting on a communal bike ride/tour of the proposed Palomar LNG pipeline through the Willamette Valley. The ride will easy-moderate, fun, and informative--and last from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Though the ride will begin from Pacific University, a Portland contingent will meet @ 7:15 AM @ the PGE park Max station for a train ride to Hillsboro, before biking to join the main ride
Flier 4 Dissemination
Flier 4 Dissemination
Two hi-pressure unscented natural gas (imported regasified LNG) pipelines + 2 foreign LNG import terminals are now planned for NW Oregon. These pipelines would run from 2 large LNG import terminals on the Columbia R. near Astoria through homes, yards, farms, timber, fields, orchards, & other beloved land. Our land will be taken by private energy corporations through the use of eminent domain. There are currently 3 different proposed projects in NW Oregon along the Columbia & 1 in Coos Bay on the S. Oregon coast.

homepage: homepage: http://www.lngisdirty.org/events/
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