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Racial Profiling Meetings 4/2 and 4/11

When ((i)) was at the Human Rights Meeting on 4.1.09 I was informed about the Portland Police Address Racial Profiling Meeting on 4/2 and 4/8.
It's open to the public, and is a good time to jump in with citizen oversight / input.
A quick note to let the portland community know an open invitation to (the) Portland Police Address Racial Profiling, in co-junction with the Human Rights Committee, this meeting is open to the public and counting on public input. Come be the voice.

The little I know is that on Thursday 4.2.09 the community meeting is at:
East Portland Community Center
740 SE 106th Ave Portland or 97216

Don't let the word "police meeting" scare ya from attending and being part of the developing concerned citizens regarding racial profiling and how the police are dealing with this subject.

There will be a second meeting on 4.8.09 at
King Elementary School
4906 NE 6th Portland Or 97211

Both Events are scheduled to run from 5:30 - 7:30pm

This is a good way to be involved in the way police use pre-text stops and the development of oversight regarding police and racial profiling, in a community forum.
You can be a voice for joe public..
The Human Rights Committee are encouraging input from the citizens of Portland.

There is some (more) information on this Racial Profiling Meeting in the video from today's Human Rights Meeting which will be available here on PIMC soon, (yet after Thursday meeting)

Two Links on the Portland Police website:

Report: Bureau's Plan to Address Racial Profiling::

Meeting: Racial Profiling Meeting Flyer::

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id125.html

human rights are at stake, come out tomorrow 07.Apr.2009 22:03


Tomorrow may be our last opportunity for a while to affect the Portland Police Department's new stance of racial profiling. "Operation Cool Down" has ended in theory, but police spokespeople say they'll continue their racist, ageist profiling practices. Police spokeswoman Mary Wheat says: "This is something that will continue. There's no date on when this will end. It's now going to be part of how we do business." This "business" is stopping black and Latino teens for "routine" ID checks, weapon patdowns, digital photos, and checking for gang tattoos. It's unconstitutional, it's racist, and we need to stand against it as a community.

The meeting will be tomorrow, 4/8, 5:30-7:30 PM at King Elementary School, 4906 NE 6th Ave. Police Chief Rosie Sizer and others from the bureau are supposed to be in attendance.