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Cascadia Rising Tide Open Mtg--April 5th, 7:00 pm

This Sunday, April 5th, will be the next continuation of a series of
presentations by Cascadia Rising Tide. Each month we gather on the first
Sunday for a slideshow, film screening, documentary, discussions, Q&A,
and/or planning sessions related to climate change and social justice issues.
The Red & Black Café, worker-owned and vegan, will being selling its excellent food and beverages, as usual. Please Come!
Portlanders and Oregonians are mounting increasingly active campaigns against Fossil Fuel Empire and its counter-productive new infrastructure projects, like the Columbia River Crossing (I-5 bridge expansion) and multiple Liquified Natural Gas terminals & pipelines. This month's meeting/presentation will largely focus on recent/current actions and campaigns that are focuses for Rising Tide and other various local groups. Come find out (and share) how these projects are affecting our communities and ways we can respond effectively--and stop these Fossil Fools from hurting our friends, families, neighbors, and planet.

Upcoming events include Sunday's CRC rally @ Waterfront Park + Bike The Pipe (April 11th)--both cycle-centric and awesome. Keep your eyes peeled for much more!

See you Sunday!
7:00 @ Red and Black Cafe
(400 SE 12th avenue at Oak)