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Utah grad jury resister needs to hear your support

Jordan Halliday is an animal rights activist who was subpoenaed to a grand jury that was going on a
fishing expedition about Utahns who stand up for animals. Jordan plead
the 1st and 5th amendments, but of course they do not exist in Grand
Juries, so he has been held in jail since March 13th.
Jordan is now receiving vegan meals, thanks to everyone who called the jail. The lingering issue is that he is unaware of the support he has across the country because he does not have internet access. Jordan remains dedicated in standing up for his rights and not allowing the government to dissolve the animal rights community. I realize everyone is busy, but if you ever have a spare 10 minutes it would make his day to receive a letter from someone new.

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Jordan Halliday
Inmate #24836
1225 West Valley View Highway, Suite 100
Logan, UT 84321