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HR 875 and Senate Proposal s425

These food scares are 100% Total Bullshit! "They" - Corporate Agriculture Interests are sacrificing little bits of the Industry to shove the Monsanto, ADM, agenda to disenfranchise people From farming their own food. And to finish driving non-corporate farms into the proverbial graveyard.
Total Fabricated Bullshit Back-up with 100% Media Propaganda Support for the position that the public is in Danger. Sure the Fuck They are in Danger. In Danger of Losing their Safety Net of being able in providing their own safe food supplies, both daily or in the face of catastrophe.

Back to the Subject, HR 875 and Senate proposal s425 in regard to "Food Safety" and what really amounts to centralized food distribution and product control. The most serious danger of this line of thinking, while certainly profitable for those who would be inline to take advantage of the legislation, is this: It is not wise to place all of your eggs in one basket. The most notable danger is being forced to rely on few food sources for the responsibility for America's Food Supply, and most especially when facing a "Terroristic" or "Natural Disaster" threat.

With Genetically Modified seeds as the basis for all agriculture, in any instance of disruption of the food chain, be it transportation, facility management, or product safety; if Any portion of the above is disrupted, we could face the Nation with starvation within one annual cycle. This, because of the requirement that all seeds come from said sources, and the continuation of farming capabilities being dependent upon an annual re-supply to the farmer, commercial or otherwise.

In the event of a nuclear catastrophe or other major natural disaster, it would be important for the Nation's Safety to have a wide ranging and diverse group of options for keeping the Food Supply
both abundant, and readily accessible to all Americans.

Whether it be homegrown in the backyards of America, or at the smaller independent farm, these are all safety back-ups in the event of any catastrophic incident that would disrupt the normal chain of the food supply line.

America can not afford to put that much trust in any single entity. With Major failures in Banking, Insurance,, and Industry in General, One can not chance a similar failure when it comes to feeding our
own Nation's People. There is no safety net when it comes to the food supply, beyond what is the most practical solution in an emergency, and that is making sure that all Americans are able to create and sustain their own food sources should it become necessary.

It may not only save the individual's life, but through his/or her own ingenuity in crisis, save an entire nation. If your World was falling apart, it would be a hell of a lot more comforting to know that your neighbor was willing to share some fresh garden vegetables with you, than waiting for some damned seeds that may never arrive from a Brand Named Company 3000 miles away.

And that is why such narrow minded legislation as HR 875 and s425 should never even be taken into consideration. It is a definite Public Safety and Preservation Issue. If any legislation should be passed in this regard, it should be insuring that every American was capable, if need be, to create and sustain a garden and or farming skills as a precaution for any unforeseen events that could ultimately threaten their wellbeing and right to enjoy a fresh and safe food supply in any given scenario.

The last food scare I had in the Garden was when the Tomatoes didn't come out right.

- Tracy Mapes

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hay seed

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