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Dingo Dizmal looking for "Clownarchists"

Hi friends! Dingo here and I'm starting off a new Spring/summer season of circus fun.
Does "Car free circus" sound good? I sure try to make good decisions in the circus trade, no animal acts, no auto's, no working corporate events.
I like to surround myself with like minded fools!
I'm looking for a lot of people from fire acts to tall bike acrobats and anyone can talk to me about it,
right now I'm looking for a stand up comedians who do positive activist material.
If you are interested you can come to the open mic I host at 29th and Belmont, sign up at 6
and show us your stuff in front of a crowd.
It's free, the cafe is a worker owned collective and there is always a good crowd.
I'm not looking for angry is sad acts because my show is a clown show but ALL kinds of
material is welcome at the open mic.
If you are interested in the tall bike show, my email is  dawgsnax@fastmail.fm that starts soon!

homepage: homepage: http://shmanarchy.blogspot.com/