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BREAKING NEWS: 8 Sea Lions Trapped, Six on Death List

Eight sea lions have been trapped. Of those, six are listed on the State's death list. There are spaces for 5 animals in a zoo, but the state is conducting... "health checks." Meaning that most, if not all, of these animals will likely be put to death. According to Rick Hargrave with ODFW, at least one of the animals will be put to death because, even if all are healthy, there is not enough room for all of them in captivity. No word yet on the brands.
Asked whether there would be any way to save more animals from death. Hargrave said that there will be a review of the process in a year or so, to determine whether it's having any impact on predation by sea lions. Until then, it will continue. (I guess, unless the HSUS lawsuit finally kicks in, and an appeal can be successful.)

More details to come later. Check sealiondefensebrigade.org for frequent updates.