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Venezuala backs Al-Bashir against the ICC

Venezuala supports Sudan against Zionist conspiracies
Dear all,

While this is going to drive Western leftists nuts, most of whom pretend to be friends of the Venezualan revolution, it does follow form in how an anti-imperialist and non-capitalist state should conduct foreign relations. I have differances with Hugo Chavez over his betrayl of the FARC-EP and support for mass immigration in Europe and North America which breaks down borders for the free flow of capital, but I applaud this decision.

Indeed, more unity needs to go on between the genuinely anti-imperialist regimes of the world, regardless of differances or flaws in the political character of any given regime.

John Paul Cupp


President Al-Bashir gives interview to Venezuelan Television

Doha, March 31 (SUNA)- President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir gave an interview to the Venezuelan Television in which he reviewed developments in Sudan and refuted the legal, ethical and political aspects on which the International Criminal Court (ICC) attempted to base its allegations on them. President Al-Bashir pointed out that Sudan was subjected to a systematic campaign following its utilization to its oil resources, saying that the allegations of the ICC followed failure of the economic blockade imposed on Sudan, saying that what is taking place is a new colonialism. President Al-Bashir said Sudan was targeted because it had rejected the occupation of Iraq and the killings in Palestine and Afghanistan. Al-Bashir hailed the stances of Venezuelan President Chavez. BT/BT

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