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News from the Front: Updates from the Philippines

News from the Front: Updates from the Philippines

--- from a NACAZAI reader in the Philippines


A victorious action of the New People's Army hath made as they harassed a detatachment of the PNP Regional Mobile Group last March 11 in Barangay Taysan, Legazpi City in the Philippines. This action was created by creating a position 20 meters from the baranggay hall-turned-detatchment.

Another action made by the NPA became successful as 14 of the reactionary forces, consisted of 12 policemen and 2 paramilitary forces end up wounded out of two separated tactical offencives made by the Jose Rapsing Command of the NPA in the Province of Masbate in the Philippines.
This action was created as the NPA forces, positioned, repulsed the 14-men force of the 506th PNP Provincial Mobile Group in Barangay Panamangkan, Mandaon Masbate. 7 of them were wounded, including their leader, named Chief Inspector Roland Fulo.

The action of the NPA was continued as they created additional casualties on the enemy, as they tried to call support from the other town of Balud; but as they enemy continue to enter the said place, were ambushed in Barangay Pagurian where five policemen and 2 members of the 202 CAA end up wounded.

These wounded men were immediately sent, via helicopter to Masbate Provincial Hospital and others were sent to Legazpi city.

Last march 14, a soldier, coming from the 1st special forces battalion of the Reactionary forces (the Philippine Army) was killed and another wounded in an attempt to occupy a temporary shelter of the New People's army in Barangay Remedios 2, Mauban, Quezon, in the Philippines.

These actions, created by the New Peoples Army, shows that the armed struggle continues despite the actions created by the reactionary forces in the Philippines.



Last March 14 2009, thousands joined the funaral march for a daughter of a higher NPA member being abducted, killed and dumped in an irrigation ditch in Carmen, Davao del Norte in the Philippines last March 4, 2009 at around 6:30 in the evening, and found the other day.

That victim is Rebelyn Pitao, 20, third child of Lencio Pitao a. k. a commander Parago, a license teacher working as substitute at St. Peter College in Toril, Davao City, after teaching she was on her way home to her house at Purok 2, Bago Gallera, Talomo, Davao City.

According to the authorities, after being abducted, she was raped and killed by an ice pick before being dumped. And this action, according to the family of the victim, was made by the reactionary forces since they, under the operation known as "bantay laya", also targeted non-combatants, especially family members who had relatives within the revolutionary movement.

At the same time, the revolutionary movement, Through its Information Bureau, the CPP said preliminary investigations conducted by revolutionary authorities in the Southern Mindanao Region have already identified the perpetrators as Sgts. Adan Sulao and Ben Tipait of the AFP's Military Intelligence Group XI, Cpl. Alvin Bitang of the Military Intelligence Battalion (MIB) of the Philippine Army's 10th Infantry Division, and a certain Pedregosa, another intelligence agent.

According to the CPP newspaper "Ang Bayan", Lencio Pitao, known as "Commander Parago" had a brother, named Danilo, who was killed by the military last June 2008. The military also involved in an action, that resulted to a near death of one of the red commander's family members.

These reactionary forces, and its intelligence wing continues to spy on Commander Parago's family and relatives, that their action resulted to these situation, of killing a non-combatant, perhaps just to say that she is a daughter of a rebel leader. And thus, we must condemn their actions, involving extrajudicial killings against the members of the revolutionary movement as well as their families!

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