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City Repair Most Magnanimous Garage Sale

City Repair is hosting a Magnanimous Garage Sale to raise funds for our annual Village Building Convergence. We are taking donations throughout the week and the Sale will take place this Saturday at 3750 SE Belmont. See you there!
City Repair is now accepting donations for our Most Magnimous Garage Sale taking place Saturday April 4th. If your Spring cleaning has recently unearthed any unused clothes, furniture, doo dads or family heirlooms that you just don't know what to do with, then we would be happy to take them off your hands and you could have the added satisfaction of knowing that proceeds from the sale will go towards our annual Village Building Convergence. Thanks, we could really use your support!

Bring all donations to City Repair headquarters at 3125 E Burnside
Drop off times are
Tuesday March 31st from 5 - 9
Thursday April 2nd from 5 - 8
Friday April 3rd from 2 - 7

Call 503.235.8946 or email  vbcfundraising@cityrepair.org for special drop off appointments

Our Most Magnanimous Sale will be taking place on Saturday April 4th at 3750 SE Belmont, just west of 39th!

homepage: homepage: http://www.cityrepair.org
phone: phone: 612.236.5629
address: address: 3125 E Burnside