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Tuesday, March 31st Cesar Chavez Day Demonstration

Lets keep building for a powerful, uncompromising May Day...starting...NOW
Tuesday, March 31st Cesar Chavez Day Demonstration

Cesar Chavez Demonstration
March 31, 12:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Portland State Universityıs park blocks
(on the corner of Park Ave and Harrison Street)

M.E.Ch.A. de Portland State and Las Mujeres invite you to join us in a
demonstration honoring Cesar Chavez. This event will pay tribute to an
individual who not only inspires Chicanos and Latinos, but all those who
champion for workersı rights and equality. The demonstration will also
address ongoing campaigns in the state of Oregon. Cesar Chavez, former
leader of the United FarmWorkers, fought for improving the working
conditions of agricultural workers by leading national boycotts and marches
across America.

While progress has been made, there are many hurdles and obstacles that
Latinos and other immigrants in the United States continue to face. >From
the criminalization and sweeping deportations of undocumented immigrants to
inequalities in education, health, and employment, Latinos and other
immigrant populations must contend with unjust laws and attitudes. Here in
Oregon, the draconian executive order barring undocumented immigrants from
obtaining licenses to drive is felt by a sizeable segment of the population
that contributes greatly to our state‹both economically and socially.
Whether it is lobbying at Salem for tuition equity, naming a street in
memory of Cesar Chavez, or demanding the end of ICE raids, individuals and
organizations are carrying on Chavezıs spirit and legacy. On the day of the
event, guest speakers will focus on the following:

* Cesar Chavez and his legacy
* Workersı rights
* Comprehensive immigration reform

We will begin gathering at noon and the march will commence soon after. For
more information, please contact Cyan Solis-Sichel at
 cyan.solissichel@gmail.com or call M.E.Ch.A. at 503-725-5648.

Jobs with Justice is working with Voz, PCASC and many other organizations to
participate in this demonstration in Honor of Cesar Chavez and to call for
an end to raids and local enforcement of immigration law.