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Forever Forests Seminar

Fire, windstorms, insects and disease have been a part of Pacific Northwest forests for millennia. These natural disturbance are frequently dubbed "catastrophic" to the landscape. Yet in the past 150 years man has left a significant imprint on the land through logging, road building and grazing.
Hosted by the Crag Law Center and the Mazamas
Mazamas Mountaineering Center, SE 43rd and Stark, Portland
Thursday, April 2, 2009, 6:30 pm.

East of the Cascades, large Ponderosa pine, western larch and Douglas fir trees have evolved with fire and the presence of these trees on the landscape is a testament to their resilience. The trees have thick bark which protects their cambium from fire and disease, and fire damaged old growth trees may be superficially injured but are more likely to be convalescing than dying from the fire.

The Crag Law Center and the Mazamas are bringing an interdisciplinary group of scientists to discuss how forest systems work and to answer the most pressing questions of our time.

* What are the greatest threats and restoration needs on Pacific Northwest forestlands?
* What beneficial role does natural disturbance like wildfire or insects in ecosystem processes?
* Can we reduce fire risk or increase forest resiliency through mechanical means?
* How can we respond to the risks that climate change poses on our forestlands?

Experts & Our Topics:
* Forest Scientist Dr. Nathan Poage, a silviculturalist with Clackamas Stewardship Partners, will address the current condition of the forested ecosystem and practical actions that can be taken to restore forest health.
* Climate Scientist Dr. David Turner, Associate Professor with OSU Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society, will discuss the effects of climate change on forested ecosystems and options to mitigate and adapt.
* Hydrologist Jonathan Rhodes with Planeto Azul Hydrology, will contrast the impacts of wildfire with human caused disturbance on forested ecosystems, including the efficacy of mechanical fuel treatments.

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