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The Anatomy of High Impact Direct Action: Strategies For Animal Liberation With Peter Youn

Don't forget this (other) great event this weekend. Thanks for the support.
The Let Live Foundation Presents The Anatomy of High Impact Direct Action: Strategies For Animal Liberation With Peter Young

Portland, OR, March 29, 2009 For the past 30 years, anonymous members of the Animal Liberation Front have carried out over 1,000 covert actions around the world in the name of animal liberation. Working outside of the confines of the law, these activists achieve results not by traditional methods of leafleting and protesting, but by freeing animals from cages, disassembling machinery used in the exploitation of animals and destroying inhumane facilities used to house animals for commercial use.

This talk features a critical look at the role of direct action in the animal liberation movement with veteran activist Peter Young. Exploring the nuances of direct action through case studies, Young will discuss the value of high impact action such as the only successful tactic to drive vivisectors out of the profession and why targeting a "weak link" can be more effective than a "soft target." Learn how to effectively value the risk of action and why breaking a window carries more risk than releasing 1,000 animals.

Peter Young is an animal rights activists and former animal liberation prisoner. Sentenced to 2 years in prison for the release and conspiracy to release thousands of mink from fur farms across the Midwest, Young brings life to stories of animal liberation, political repression and sacrifice in the name of animal liberation.

The Anatomy of High Impact Direct Action presentation featuring Peter Young will be held on March 29, 2009, at 2p.m. at Portland State University in Room 238 of the Smith Memorial Union Building. Admission is free.

The Let Live Series is a monthly series of speakers, workshops and social events dedicated to promoting animal rights activism and education in Portland, Oregon. Sponsored by the Let Live Foundation, Vegans for Animal Advocacy, Food Fight Grocery and Herbivore Magazine.

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