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Foreclose the War Machine - A Meeting to Coordinate Direct Action (April 5th, Olympia)

A meeting to coordinate a Direct Action blockade of war profiteer corporation refurbishing Strykers to go to Iraq and Afghanistan. April 5th, 1 PM, Olympia.
In the next few months, the US military intends to send 17,000 new soldiers to Afghanistan. This will increase by one half the size of their hugely unpopular occupation. Vice President Joe Biden himself has gone on the record to say he expects an "uptick" in American deaths in Afghanistan. The CIA and US military have begun bombing civilians in, and even sending in ground troops into, Pakistan, to much popular opposition from the Pakistani people. The current administration is already preparing to escalate and spread military campaign further into Pakistan.

In the meantime, while Obama talks about removing "combat troops" from Iraq, there is no intention to end the occupation of Iraq by dismantling the US military bases. Only approximately half of the US soldiers in Iraq will be removed under this plan, because the rest are not considered "combat troops."

In the past year, a record number of us have lost our homes and jobs as the economy collapses, yet the US government continues to waste our resources in the Military Industrial Complex, making a very small number of rich war profiteers even richer. Some of these war profiteers, set to make huge sums of money off of the increase in American and Afghani deaths, are located right here in Western Washington State. It is time we foreclose the war profiteers rather than the working class.

The General Dynamics Land System (GDLS) corporation has been awarded a contract to repair military Strykers to send back to occupy Iraq and Afghanistan. The warehouse housing these spare parts is located in Auburn, WA. GDLS' net revenue in 2008 was $29.3 billion, 69% of their net sales coming from the US government! We intend to SHUT DOWN the War Machine, to do everything we can to stop the surge from leaving the United States.

To this end, we are calling for a day of coordinated, non-violent civil disobedience and direct action to blockade the GDLS facility in Auburn.

Please attend an information meeting in Olympia, WA, on April 5th 2009 at 1 PM to discuss this plan, our strategy, and building a strong movement to end these wars and occupations.

The meeting will be at Capitol Theater Offices: 416 Washington St. (Between 4th and State, Next to the Painted Plate). Room 208 on the 2nd Floor.

End BOTH Occupations

Foreclose the War MachineóDirect Action to Stop the Surge

No administration will end these warsóWe, the people, need to end them.

-the North West Anti-Imperialist Direct Action Coalition

Carpool? 31.Mar.2009 11:05

no car

Is anyone interested in forming a car pool to go to this thing? It sounds like those folks up in olympia are up to some really good shit.

if you can't make it Olympia... 03.Apr.2009 16:27

North West Anti-Imperialist Direct Action Coalition

To build a regional movement, we are intending on taking this presentation and discussion on the road. We intend to organize presentations in the near future in Seattle, Portland, Tacoma, and possibly other cities.

If you can make it to the meeting in Olympia, that would be great. It would be really helpful for us to know how many people are interested in getting involved with this project. It would also be helpful for as many people from around the region to be involved in the discussion, so we know where people are at.

Nonetheless, intersted parties in Portland and whoever else reads this that are unable to make it to Olympia this week, please e-mail us your contact info, and we will let you know ASAP about a meeting in Portland.

Also, we do not as of yet have a definite location in Portland. We have people in Portland looking for one, but if you have a suggestion, please let us know as well.

-Shyam from the North West Anti-Imperialist Direct Action Coalition

you can reach me at  khashy01@evergreen.edu