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Hire Someone

The best way to help yourself maybe to pay some one to do
work for you.
Obvious enough there is not a lack of work.
Look around there is lots to do.

Perhaps instead of buying something from china
you could pay someone to clean the gutter about
your house. How hire someone to do painting, planting
cleaning, repairing, or thinking.

Its best not to forget art. Music, sculpture,
painting, ceramics, acting or poetry. There is a
lot of work to do.

I think planting food caring for animals
maybe a good suggestion for it provides a harvest.
Another idea is for you to come up with one
yourself..or you could subcontract
that too.

The economic cycle would continue if the money
payment was not siphoned off to go elsewhere.
If the food company and the government do not
invest in there own community than the supply
of money dwindles and you can no hire anyone.
But that is not an immediate problem

So hire someone to reinvest in the economy by
making a new one. Food, clothes, health,
energy conservation is the ticket for now.
Once this pattern starts you won't need money.

So make me or your neighbor an offer to help
invest in labor and in the fruits thereof.

Excellent idea 28.Mar.2009 22:02


Any one who can afford to needs to be hiring those in the community who need work--the carpenters are suffering--so if you can, now's the time to get started, or continue with those energy-conserving house and business projects.