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GMO and the grain-in-bulk system

Precisely because genetically modified soybeans and corn are so widely used in the production of a whole range of secondary food products (cooking oils, starches and sweeteners), it is virtually impossible to avoid eating "Frankenfoods," even if you consciously attempt to do so.

"Frankenfood" is a neologism that evokes Frankenstein's monster. In a statement released in 2001, an organization opposed to genetically modified foods called the Organic Consumers Association called on "elected officials, political candidates, state departments of agriculture, and all universities and colleges to oppose the growing of GM wheat" until several things could be proven. One of them related directly to grain elevators: "Shipping and storage systems will be able to keep genetically modified grains separate from other varieties." But such separations are not possible within the current "grain in bulk" system.

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? 29.Mar.2009 09:56


It's not impossible if you live in another country, Americans. American corporate state pollutes your body and mind with trash. Turn it off and tune it out, if you dare to exercise your personal right to choose instead of the corporate or state attempt to choose for you and shove their choices down your throat without authorization and without your approval. Good luck.