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A Simple Note on Imperialist Intervention

Against "humanitarian intervention" around the world!

A Simple Note on Imperialist Intervention

--- John Paul Cupp, NACAZAI Public Relations Director

With the recent discussions going on regarding Darfur, and the same continuous crap about ghumanitarian intervention,h I think it is vitally important to make a clear and blunt point of principles: Imperialism has no legitimacy, does not bring about a better world and must be unconditionally opposed.

While the allegations about a ggenocideh in Sudan are just plain stupid, even if these were occurring, it would be an internal matter of the Sudanese people. The fact is the only unconditional solidarity to be properly given in todayfs context is unconditional solidarity with resistance to imperialism and Zionism. Even if someone is killing millions of communists, worships the devil, supports Arab gracism,h likes to bomb Shifa mosques and then churches as a hobby, rapes small children and forces women to wear clothing that they supposedly donft like and find oppressive, we absolutely must support their resistance to imperialism. While all of these things are certainly distasteful, it is for onefs people alone to punish internal criminals and only in a context that does not open up their country to imperialist intrigues or pretend a bunch of Jews are out there gsaving the children.h

From the gholocausth to Yugoslaviafs supposed Srebrenica gmassacreh to north Koreafs supposed gmass prisonsh and gstarvationh to Darfur to the lie that says Saddam Hussein ggassed the Kurds,h it most certainly is important to tackle and discredit imperialist demonization campaigns against resistant people and the ideologies of Jewish and imperialist power worldwide. However, at the end of the day that is most certainly not where the pillar of our principles should stand. Our pillar should be based upon the recognition of national struggle as class struggle with victory of the nation over imperialism being a prerequisite for the popular classes of such nation fulfilling their social emancipation and national self-determination.

Hence, pretending President Omer Al-Bashir really had purposefully committed mass atrocities in a systematic way, which is a bunch of crap, it is the obligation of the Arab streets to do exactly what they have done and rally behind him as he confronts imperialism and strikes devastating blows and only later and internally to handle the matter of such supposed gcrimes.h

The truth is, whatever good was intended by certain progressive and revolutionary nations going along with the formation of the United Nations as a supposed tool of decolonization, it doesnft even have a right to exist and shouldnft exist. If resisting states want to use contradictions within the United Nations as a tool, that is their internal matter. However, we simply need to understand that its decrees come from New York and Tel Aviv ultimately, and realize that even if its ghuman rightsh appeals are actually on the side of the oppressed people are completely toothless and do nothing but distract from the most important way to liberate onefs people and defend them: armed struggle and military deterrent force.

Ultimately, the loss of national self-determination and the binding of all nations to the yoke of world imperialism and Zionism is the greatest human rights violation.



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