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In Defense of Songun Korea and its Desire to Launch a Satellite!

Against US aggression in Korea!

In Defense of Songun Korea and its Desire to Launch a Satellite!

-- Kevin Walsh and John Paul Cupp on behalf of NACAZAI

Few if any countries have resisted imperialist aggression as bravely and effectively as north Korea over the course of the last several decades. Both because of this good example of building socialism and defeating imperialism, and because of north Koreafs geopolitical position as a backdoor for attacking brotherly Russia and China, it has particularly received the wrath and condemnation of the imperialists and their lackeys. Indeed, we believe this is a good thing and that every Korean patriot and anti-imperialist worldwide should take tremendous delight that the Korean revolution has angered and stifled the enemyfs moves for aggression. Korea has demonstrated the very real vitality of Communism in the world today, while many other regimes, movements, parties and individuals wallow in defeatism and disarray.

The DPRK since the time of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sungfs organizing Koreafs struggle against Japanese and American imperialism has long understood the vitality of arms in safeguarding national independence and building socialism. This is the origin of Songun idea which has dynamically seen Comrade Kim Jong Il the victor over Bush, Clinton and now Obama, and produced one of the few economies in the entire world not decimated by the global financial crisis caused by international finance capital. The arms of Korea are the peoplefs arms, not the arms of the imperialists or national traitors who lord over their country.

Already a nuclear force on its way to building socialism as a world power thanks to the hard work of the Korean people and the fruits of implementation of Juche and Songun, the DPRK is soon to launch a satellite into space. Japanese and American imperialists and their south Korean puppets clamor on and on against such measure. Whether for peaceful or military purpose, we uphold the right of the DPRK to develop a modern independent country and to defend it. Any act of obstructing or shooting down this satellite is tantamount to war, and should be treated as such.

The US army of occupation must be swept away from the Korean peninsula, because it divides the nation and prevents self-determination. We hail the Korean peoplefs struggle against US imperialism, and hope Russia, China and the world, including all the people of the United States join hands in defending north Korea, great Songun fortress of socialism and national self-determination.

We say; gCongratulations to the DPRK, solidarity with Comrade Kim Jong Il and his steadfast defense of the Korean nation and the worldes struggle against imperialism!h


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Juche! 28.Mar.2009 08:34

Another Supporter

Dear Leader, come bathe Portland in nuclear fire with your satellite!

here's what the world thinks of North Korea: a state of delusion 28.Mar.2009 09:27


Kim Jong Il Announces Plan To Bring Moon To North Korea
From Onion News Network International: North Korea's space program will capture the moon and bring it home, a feat no Western nation could accomplish.
2 months ago 216,146 views TheOnion

the Kim royalty in a feudal state run by socialist propoganda 29.Mar.2009 01:31


The regime only serves the Kim family. It is a three generation satrapy like most countries 500 years ago, an aristocratic driven royalty, with the aristocracy being the original families of the revolution that is all. And most defectors come from that aristocracy because they realize how screwed their future is if they stay. They would rather die trying to escape than stay 'alive' there. Any country that has its citizens eating dirt to survive and which let millions die in the late 1990s while the 'dear fool' (excuse me, dear leader) has French chefs and potters around with moviemaking and fine foods, doesn't deserve to exist.

Some North Koran films for you, follow a defector getting out:

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Let's just remember this isn't a grand support for the depravities of a money-driven plutocracy as an alternative:

Disillusioned Defectors - South Korea
Sep 1997 Fleeing starvation and a brutal military regime, defectors crossing from North Korea to the south were once ...
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The great worry is South Korea actually is that North Korea WILL collapse, and leave the burden of millions of ignorant, unschooled, unprepared, refugees starving and streaming into the cities of a country that has entered the OECD.

North Korea Desires to Launch a Satelllite??? 31.Mar.2009 17:29

Den Mark, Vancouver

North Korea does NOT "desire" to launch a satellite. North Korea desires food! Only a psychotic dictator & his thugs want to launch a satellite. North Korea is NOT a socialist state. It's a prison, run by criminals who should be arrested & tried & hung.