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Israel-AIPAC Protest Sunday

Sunday March 29th
at 4:30 pm
in front of the
Mittleman Jewish Community Center
6651 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland
If you pay taxes, you are helping to pay for Israel's war crimes. Comes show your disgust at this important protest:

Stop the $7 million a day of US military aid to Israel
End the influence of the Zionist lobby in Washington

The annual dinner of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Oregon
-an event which organizers describe as "the largest pro-Israel political
event in Oregon"

Sunday March 29th
at 4:30 pm
in front of the
Mittleman Jewish Community Center
6651 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland

Show our politicians that we do not support their unconditional support
for the Israeli military, regardless of that military's human rights

For more information see: www.endisraeliapartheid.org
or call 503-421-6845
Oregon politicians have an abysmal record on support for Palestinian equal

-Senator Ron Wyden has unquestioningly supported Israeli policy in every
instance, going so far as to call the Gaza invasion that killed 1300
Palestinians, over 400 of whom were children, "self defense".

-Senator Jeff Merkley completely changed his position on Palestinian human
rights after pressure from AIPAC and Senator Chuck Schumer - now his
position paper on Israel is a list of AIPAC talking points.

-Governor Ted Kulongoski recently traveled to Israel with a group of
Oregon businessmen to promote an Israel-Oregon trade relationship.

-Representative David Wu has a position paper on Israel straight from
AIPAC talking points.

-Even Blumenauer and DeFazio, who were among the small number of US Reps
who voted 'present' instead of 'in favor' of the over-the-top House
Resolution in January that praised the Israeli massacre in Gaza, continue
to vote for funding the Israeli military at the current rate of $7

At last year's AIPAC dinner, the following politicians attended:
Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski, then-Oregon State House Speaker Jeff
Merkley (D-Portland), Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney (D-Salem),
Sen. Vicki Walker (D-Eugene), Sen. Ben Westlund (D-Tumalo), Rep. Mitch
Greenlick (D-Portland), and Rep. Brad Witt (D-Clatskanie).

Come show Oregon's politicians that it's time for them to stand up to
AIPAC's pressure and say yes to Palestinian human rights and
self-determination! No to US Aid to Israel!