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Sea Lion Road Trip Demo on the Cool Bus

Do you want to save sea lions, but aren't sure how to get involved? Here's an opportunity for you to stand up for the sea lions, while having fun with friends. We're taking the Bus called Cool on a road trip on Thursday, April 16th. We're going to demonstrate at the ODFW headquarters in Salem, and then on to the Capitol to have a word with our elected representatives about how they can justify spending hundreds of thousands of tax dollars per year to execute native sea lions on the Columbia, while they are cutting important public programs across the state for lack of funds.

Contact the Sea Lion Defense Brigade via IDA if you would like to reserve a seat on the bus, to go down to Salem to raise your voice for the animals who live on the Columbia. Details below.
Sea Lion Road Trip Demo!

The killing has begun on the Columbia. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) has already started killing sea lions on their hit list--ones who have been seen eating even one salmon at the Bonneville Dam. Last week, yet another sea lion was put to death behind our backs by callous government agents who believe they can get away with this. Stop the river of blood! We have to keep pressure on, and set the record straight regarding this misguided government plan to kill a protected species in a dubious effort to "save" endangered salmon for fishermen's nets. So we're chartering the 'Cool Bus', a bio-diesel bus with room for 25 activists, and taking a road trip to Salem for a demonstration at the ODFW headquarters. After the one-hour demo, we will head to the Capitol to visit our legislators (with a delegation also going to the Governor's office) and ask them to cancel sea lion killing, a plan that fails to address the real problems that plague salmon recovery; overfishing, the dams, and habitat destruction.

Enjoy vegan goodies and communion with friends, while at the same time standing up and making your voice heard for the Sea Lions of the Columbia. They need us to stand up for them.

RSVP today! Don't miss out on getting a seat on the 'Cool Bus'!

WHAT: Sea Lion Demo at Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife office
WHEN: Thursday, April 16, Bus leaves at 10 am

WHERE: Meeting in the Daily Grind parking lot 41st and Hawthorne (4026 SE
Hawthorne Blvd), boarding a bus and driving to Salem.

Please RSVP as we have a very limited amount of spaces available.
Please RSVP to  matt@idausa.org or 503-249-9996.

We are asking those who can afford it to make a small donation to cover the cost of the bus, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. We need a big showing here, so please plan on attending!

IMPORTANT UPDATE 31.Mar.2009 08:50


The pick up spot has changed: The meeting place for the bus will be at the IDA office at NE 18th and Alberta St. (You can't miss it -- a big house right on the corner with a huge, red and white "In Defense of Animals" banner over the front door.) Same time, different place. Please be sure to call or email, though, to RSVP because seating is very limited.

Please RSVP to  matt@idausa.org or 503-249-9996.