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Eat the Rich

Guess who's on the menu?
As the 1980s came to an end, it was generally accepted that the Leninist economic model had been a failure. The USSR disintegrated under its own weight as the illusion of strength was replaced by the reality of a house of cards. One by one client states fell leaving the right-wing proponents of the Reagan "revolution" beating their chests in a deluded sense of triumph.

Twenty years on, the process repeats, but now it is the capitalist west that faces collapse. Unlike the astoundingly peaceful transition of the former communist states, the transformation of the capitalist economies shows early signs of violence and promises to provide an equally astonishing exhibit of extreme violence as its decay accelerates. Perhaps the level of violence during a collapse is the best measure of just how unjust an inhuman a system has been.

In just the last few months we have seen the people of Iceland rise up and force the resignation of their Prime Minister, the people of France protest and strike against French economic strategy, threats leveled against American executivesfor receiving outrageous bonuses, and most recently a disgraced British bank boss' home and vehicle vandalized. It appears a perfect storm is brewing and the prospects don't look good for those who have taken their parasitic positions for granted. The cowards at Fox News are already shaking in their boots as they broadcast their fear of "Mob Rule."

Well, they should be frightened. After decades of driving the working woman's and working man's wages into the ground followed by a war based on lies and the subsequent transfer of our treasury and future earnings over to a class of greedy and unproductive lizards with an inflated sense of entitlement, they should be running for the hills. When the working class is without their shelter and without food, just who do they think will be on the menu?

Obama cannot spend us out of economic disaster because we do not have the stored value to spend. Our future prospects are negated by the fact that we have become an unproductive nation. For many, the means of production has been moved overseas and for the rest our jobs have either been outsourced or our office chairs are filled by hyper-exploited workers from overseas. With collapsing production, just how can printing money raise us up and out of the hole into which the greedy have tossed us? It is no wonder that the United States Government is actually not opposed to the creation of a new currency. They know that the dollar is worthless.

It is only natural, then, that revenge is on the mind of those who suffer while the pigs that put us here continue to gulp and gorge at the trough. The tables are turning and the meat will soon be on the table.

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Yum, yum!!! 27.Mar.2009 04:53

You betcha!!

Years of denial, of being led to believe lies; defaming activists or anyone as "doomsayers" dare if they speak of a word about corruption, a word about the destruction of our world, a word about globalization being bad.

People always know in some part of themselves when something is wrong. We have a weakness called cowardice though. This inspires us not to know or find out the truth and to believe the beautiful stories of liars- no matter how absurd.

I was raised by my mother and encouraged by countless friends to not fear the truth. So I learn about it; but then you try to tell people... that's where it gets crazy.

I've learned that when you invoke bad news, people have ways of skirting it; say "the planet is warming" in 1997. Get the response of, "chuckle, so your one of those nuts who believe the world is going to end."

Straw man #87: The man with "the world is ending" sign standing on the street corner ranting. (Look up Critical thinking; straw man argument).

Kings killed messengers who brought bad news. We are instead just usually seen as anti-social for doubting the order of things. Actually, our people are the most social people out there; we aren't selfish and we are trying to do things to counter the rapaciousness of our own culture.

The only time I experience a fear of awareness is usually just reserved for my bills. I have to dig for some courage to open up my bills.

Our culture claims to be "blessed by god," our "experts" are deified, be they economists, lawyers, senators, mayors.

These are just people. That is why an economic/social system can never be divine; it is made by flawed people.