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Canadian Baby Seal Slaughter Demo-PDX-Friday-03/27/09-11am-1pm-P.C.S.[]

3rd Protest in (PDX) Portland, Oregon this season about Canadian fisherman Slaughtering 338,800 Baby Harp Seals.
Join us at Pioneer Court House Square from 11am to 1pm to Protest the biggest Slaughter of Marine Mammals in the World. Corner of Yamhill and Broadway, downtown Portland, Oregon. Feel free to bring signs or use ours, bring flyers or use ours. See ya there. Do Something.
White Coat Baby Seal
White Coat Baby Seal
Baby Harp Seals need the world's help to stop the extinction of their species by Canadian Fisherman. Global Warming/Climate Change has melted the ice they usually float on as small baby seals, over 90% drown, those that don't, get clubbed by Canadian fisherman for their fur, and are then left to die.

Do Something.

homepage: homepage: http://www.harpseals.org/
phone: phone: (503) - 249 -9996