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Childcare Community Forum!

All are invited to a childcare community forum on Friday April 3rd at 2pm at In Other Words. The event is regarding the formation of a childcare collective in Portland. Our only current motivation surrounds the fact that parents' voices are often left out of movement work, particularly low-income and of color families. We hope to see you there!
The new Portland Radical Childcare Collective invites all families, family allies, and everyone to a Community Forum that will create the direction of the collective!

We will be having a Community Forum at In Other Words Bookstore (8 NE Killingsworth at Williams, PDX) at 2pm on Friday, April 3rd. All are encouraged to attend.

The Forum will be half informational about other radical childcare models existing, but more importantly, it will function as a community discussion as to what such a collective should become. We do not make any assumptions of what others' needs are, and thus hope to have a discussion around how a childcare collective can help bring communities together.

Our only current plan is to start off providing care for activist and community-based organizations, and then eventually mold into more needed roles. We believe this is an important and logical beginning as parents' voices are often not at the table when movement decisions are being made. Too often those missing voices of of low-income and of color families. We plan to start with this step in order to built trust, relationships, and organizational capacity within the community.

And of course, childcare and food will be provided.

homepage: homepage: http://pdxchildcarecollective.wordpress.com
phone: phone: 503 890 5084