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fbi/cia criminal operations globally, in two parts for your enjoyable reading

See the following two reports on fbi/cia corruption and criminal activities globally.
QUESTIONS! geral sosbee (956)371-5210

*Sources of fbi/cia Financing For Global Criminal Intel Operations

The fbi/cia thugs, kidnappers, torturers, assassins, burglars, etc., obtain all the money they need for their criminal operations from multiple sources: Congress, Illegal drug operations and money laundering schemes, theft and seizure of Targets' assets, blackmail, theft (including burglary & robbery) and the stock markets around the globe. The two corrupt groups regularly tap into the equities,commodities and futures markets for guaranteed huge profits. the SEC and other federal agencies ignore these criminal market manipulations because the fbi/cia are "securing the USA from terrorist attacks and are at the same defending freedom."
Furthermore, the corrupt congress of the USA is aware of and allows market manipulations under the authority of its various intel, budgetary and oversight committees; also the intel courts have inside scoop regarding fbi/cia fraud in the money markets as a result of the secret courts' reviews of the global criminal activities of the fbi/cia assassins and torturers.
<a href=" link to www.sosbeevfbi.com
An Investigation into the CIA's 'Black Budget'
<a href=" link to www.scoop.co.nz

See the evidence of fbi/cia efforts to dominate the world through inhumane & murderous methods;accept the cia/fbi as overlords, or STOP THEM; Do nothing and accept responsibility for their crimes against Humanity.

The tactics employed globally by the fbi/*cia reflect the homicidal profile of the enforcers and perpetrators of the new, stagnant and completely controlled world. These tactics include, but are not limited to the following :

Mass murder (sometimes one at a time)

Torture (physical and psychological)



Blackmail (of a mortifying type)

Stalking and kidnapping and fraudulent stings by law enforcement

Burglary, robbery, theft, fraud, extortion


Abuse of civil process and disabling calumny
Financial isolation and ruination
Human experimentation (of a monstrous type)
Programming for suicide (inter alia) of the targeted individuals


Psychological operations and mind control
Psychoelectronic bombardment

Sosbee is an active victim/target of fbi/cia high tech assaults.
See links





C h e m i c a l , Viral & Biological Assaults:




Psychoelectronic Assaults:

(Warning: graphic material, adult viewing only) To see what really can happen go to:

Intrusive, continuous and disturbing surveillance (physical and electronic) twenty four hours a day, seven days a week
-aided by tracking devices implanted in the person and properties of the Target


-with invasions into home, office and car; and with strategic tamperings therein designed to drive the Target insane

The fbi/cia agents, operatives, thugs, assigns, handlers and supporters are your neighbors, friends, relatives, spouses, representatives, doctors, etc.

Click here for "The Law Of The United States And All The Globe Under The New World Order"

Click here To See Evidence Of Corruption In The United States Embassies Worldwide
 http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/psychotronicscon.html#dec 24 2005

USA Admission to Use of Neuronal Entrainment, Etc.:
See the following admission by USA, showing that my reports of high tech assaults on my person are legitimate.
The data shown in the Neuron Entrainment link below confirms that indeed the fbi/cia/marines, etc. have (and use) the high tech weaponry against human beings, and more particularly against this veteran:
Note that under the psychoelectronic bombardment, chemical and stalking sections (at 'world in a box'), there are several links; here are five more very important links to add to the list:
add to the list:
C h e m i c a l, biological, and viral assaults on human beings
FBI efforts to hide identities of its thugs, thieves, assassins, dirty cops and self serving corrupt bureaucrats
Psychoelectronic bombardment  link to www.governmentattic.org
United States Army Civilian Inmate Labor program
See Germs & Viruses 'Made In The USA'

See the following links for more on fbi thuggery & homicidal mindset:


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phone: phone: (956)371-5210
address: address: fascist usa