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Open Letter to Sen. wyden-Lone Vet

We must have real accountability
Without Justice there is no Peace
Without Justice there is no Peace

Individuals for Justice

Dear Sen. Wyden:
Thursday,March 26, 2009

This is a petition to you to lead the Oregon Delegation to persuade President Obama to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Bush Administration to include but not limited to actions during their eight years of governing our nation. We and many other organizations feel that Bush/Cheney et al have violated our Constitution. We are outside your office in Portland, Oregon and will remain there each Thursday from high noon until 1400 waiting for your action.

There will be a full and complete investigation of what happened during this time, the only question for you is will you help lead it or be run over by the anger of your constituents. Remember, Ex-Senator Gordon Smith thought he was untouchable! (many of us were arrested in his office)

When a Special Prosecutor is appointed we will call off our protest, at this time we will ask other groups to take up protest in front of their representatives throughout the nation.

We consider this our duty as Veterans and Citizens of this nation. We will enclose a copy of "The War Crimes Times" for your education in this matter, please read it before responding to this notification/petition.

Very Sincerely

Joe Walsh-  lonevet2008@comcast.net Cristy Murray, Ineke Deruyter, Colleen Duncan, Ron Braithwaite
VVAW, VAT , Individuals for Justice. Steve Keller, Irene Steiner, Barbara Ellis, Michael Meo,
Martha Perez, Roberto Lovato

Bruce Freeman, co-founder Veterans Against Torture
Member: Disabled American Veterans.
Gordon Sturrock, co-founder Veterans Against Torture

Cc file ltr#1

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.org