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Ask An Anarchist

Hi there!

I'm writing on behalf of a recently created blog called Ask An Anarchist (AAA). AAA is composed of three anarchists of varying backgrounds who seek to answer any questions on Anarchism or anarchists themselves which come their way. Basically, we seek to put away our black masks and hoodies (for the moment) and demystify our sometimes secret and always revolutionary movement.
We offer calm, cool and collected discussion on anarchist theory and an impassioned defense of actions and those who take them in furtherance of its cause. Your question will be answered by one of the three anarchists who have (collectively) been involved in food issues, labor struggles, the anti-capitalist movement and the war movement as well as organizing and participation in militant street protest.

While all questions will be printed, we will only publish responses to those that are coherent, civil and are not used as a platform for hatred.

Finally we would like to make it clear, all answers are purely the opinion of the answerer and do not represent the thoughts of AAA as a whole nor is AAA the one solid voice of the entire anarchist movement.


homepage: homepage: http://askananarchist.blogspot.com