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Its reported in the media: drug cartels bad, more money more weapons are needed for solution. Could spill over to the US.
Whats my take on the situation. Well I only can guess. Things seem to actually be the opposite as what is reported in the media in the past so it seems likely to be the case still. That being said there is
no war against drug cartels. The war has spilled over the the border, but from the US to Mexico. I got
to contradict my self a little bit in thinking that money and weapons are being sent to Mexico...but I
smell mercenaries(purely my guess although black water,or what ever its calling itself now, was setting up position in San Diego for the last couple years)

Its clear that if the economy has gone to shit here, it really must be tough there. But I really don't know. Seems clear things will get worst. Not much is reported here how ever. So lets check Indy down south.... like Tijuana the page is down.

Its Time to Legalize in Mexico! 25.Mar.2009 12:15

via indybay

Its Time to Legalize in Mexico!

Like the folk corridos that give artistic expression to a violent and gritty life, a kind of vocal graffiti; Mexico's drug culture is more than just dollars and brutal, sensational murders. It is rebellion, defiance, and resistance that says no..........