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Teach-in at Reed College - Stop Joe Arpaio! Stop 287(g)s! Stop ICE Raids!

Teach-in at Reed College - Stop Joe Arpaio! Stop 287gs! Stop the ICE Raids! From Arizona to Oregon, from Sea to Shining Sea - It is time for a change!
What: Teach-in on the national immigrant rights campaign to end harmful enforcement policies and demand comprehensive immigration reform now!
Where: Reed College, Elliot 314
When: Friday, March 27th from 6:30-8:30pm

This teach-in is open to all community members, students and non-students alike. We will learn about the current human and civil rights abuses, anti-immigrant legislation, and the fight for equality - focusing on some of the worst abuses in Arizona, and our local struggles for justice. There will be a variety of opportunities to get involved. Continue the struggle for Civil Rights! Si se puede!

phone: phone: 503.236.7916