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VIDEOS:: Salem Oregon Peace March & Rally 3.15.09

Here are the videos from the Protest & Rally in Salem in opposition to the 5 years of Iraq Occupation and the continuing war(s) as well as other serious issues. These videos are of the March through town and the Rally on the capital steps.
Salem Peace March 3.15.09
Salem Peace March 3.15.09
Anti War Protest in Salem 2009
Anti War Protest in Salem 2009
Peace March in Salem Oregon 3.15.09
Peace March in Salem Oregon 3.15.09
On Sunday, March 15 2009 in Salem Oregon there was an afternoon Protest & Rally.
It was the end of the 5th year of our occupation of Iraq
The event was titled:
Stop the Wars and Home and Abroad!
Keep the Oregon Guard Home from Iraq and Afghanistan.
Say YES to money for human needs not war, YES to immigrants rights, and YES to a just peace for Palestine-Israel.

+ The video I have is in a Four part-set of the March through town (10 min each)
+ An out take clip of Activist Michele Darr at the Rally on the steps (7 min)
+ Speeches, Music and The Rally on the capital steps (50 min)
+ (Peace) Police after the March (3 min)

1 Salem Peace March 3.15.09

2 Salem Peace March 3.15.09

3 Salem Peace March 3.15.09

4 Salem Peace March 3.15.09


Here is the video of Michel Darr who is at Camp Homebound on the capital steps with a peace vigil. She has fasted, collected signatures, protested, pleaded, been arrested, stayed on the steps for 24 hour intervals, and has been actively involved with trying to keep the Oregon National Guard home. The Individuals For Justice in Portland Oregon send their regards and a letter of recognition in this video.


The Speeches, Music and Rally on the capital steps was recorded and is on one 50 minute video on Google ... that link is titled: Salem Peace Rally Speeches Music 3.15.09
You can view it here:


After the march there were quite a few police hanging around, here is a few minutes of video of them clearing the street after the March & Rally, just prior to letting traffic start using the street.

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id136.html

veterans for Peace with Flags (video) 25.Mar.2009 22:13

Joe Anybody


A one minute video of Veterans walking with flags to the Salem Peace March (out take)