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Animal Rights Activist/Grand Jury Resistor Jordan Halliday moved

Jordan Halliday was recently moved out of Salt Lake County Jail. Please call the jail/write letters of support to Jordan.
In a blatantly obvious attempt to make Jordan's jail experience
miserable, the government has just moved him from Salt Lake County to
Cache County Jail. All books he had/was going to receive at Salt Lake
County Jail are now the property of the SL Jail. They also moved him
the day before he was finally going to receive his commissary funds.
(He receives funds on Monday - he was officially booked on a Monday
so he had to wait a full week to get commissary at SL County - he
will now have to wait another full week).

He is also again not receiving vegan food. Please call the jail and
ask that he be given vegan food.

Please send letters of support/books to Jordan. Unfortunately, if he
gets moved again these books will once again be surrendered to the
jail - but still send some in case he stays there a while.

Cache County Jail
Jordan Halliday
Inmate #24836
1225 West Valley View Highway, Suite 100
Logan, UT 84321

Cache County Jail appears very picky about their prison mail. Please
check out their website at:


to figure out what is legit and what isn't.

This will inevitably be very difficult for Jordan's family as well.
Logan is almost a two hour drive from Salt Lake so visiting Jordan
will get more difficult for them.

Jordan's spirits are quite low at the moment. I know that if more
people write him letters, call the jail, and continue taking action
for animals that it will have a direct impact on his morale. Please
do what you can to support Jordan.