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VIDEO:: Banking Reform Protest Portland 3.19.09

A short video of the protest that was outside of Key Bank in downtown Portland regarding the bailout for banks with no monetary help for the workers.
Banking Reform Protest PDX 3.19.09
Banking Reform Protest PDX 3.19.09
A couple dozens citizens were outside of Key Bank on Friday protesting the bail out that they (Key Bank) were receiving, as they grabbed the money and then let very little trickle down to the workers who are needing it. I missed most of the protest and I missed when they were outside of AIG at the World Trade Center here in Portland.

I did ask one of the organizers what the protest was about and she re-caps why they were at Key Bank that day.
Key Bank Received federal money and funds Oak Harbor Freight company ... yet the company took the money and is now trying to bust the union by not negotiating a fair contract with their drivers.

This video from Thursdays protest in downtown Portland was on 3.19.09 and it is five minutes long.


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