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Anarchist Fanzinotheque

Here is the on-line fanzinotheque. You can download zines in several languages which we put here at disposal in PDF format. Even if it is always better to have the newspaper / bulletin / fanzine in hand in its real version (paper), the PDFs allows a fast outline before command or then to be able to read zines which became unfoundable.
It is necessary to remind also that if zines hanging up on the duration, it is also because they are financially supported by means of orders, of subscriptions or other ways. Then let us not take advantage silly of this fanzinotheque to consume zines as imbecile made limp voters or enthusiastic consumers. That is why, for each of the present newspapers here, you will find a link or a contact.
- We will regularly add new publications and languages.
- To navigate here, use the content below.
- To download a zine, click straight ahead on the cover of your choice + register the target under... to download it on your computer.

Here is the link:  http://www.non-fides.fr/spip.php?article175

Rage and Courage from france.

Non Fides.