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Help Needed in Suburban Permaculture

I'm making a zine on suburban permaculture that I hope to distribute to my suburban sprawl community. I hope to change some minds and gain allies who also care about permaculture. However, I have a few obstacles. One is that my mother won't let me put the garden in the front yard, because it she thinks it looks bad. I have to put it in a small space in the back yard. Two is that those around me in home and workplace slash my self-esteem and hopes to little pieces when they tell me that my goals and dreams of turning a suburban sprawl community into a permaculture haven, is stupid and will never work. It is very depressing. Should I continue with my goals in this suburban sprawl community, where I am constantly bombarded with negativity, or, should I move? Would that just be running away from the problem? My feelings are hurt and I need encouragement.

water 23.Mar.2009 21:11


It is up to you whether you move or not. In either case, act. Put the garden in the backyard. Then talk to some neighbors and see if someone will let you put another garden in their yard, and then another. If none of that works, then go someplace that you can.

Good Luck